• GROUP LETTER: Greenwich Republican Town Committee In District 2 Sets The Record Straight About Its Caucus

    January 16, 2024
    Arch Street Teen Center, location of D2 caucus.

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    The D2 Republican Town Committee (RTC) members and volunteers for the caucus held on January 9th appreciate the opportunity to set the record straight regarding the multiple inaccuracies in the Greenwich Times article and address complaints made by Joe Kelly in that article. 

    The District 2 caucus meeting, held at Arch Street (the same location as two years ago), was conducted fairly and without a single objection by anyone in attendance making Joe Kelly’s post meeting quotes in the paper that it was unfair that his wife Jill Kelly was not on the pre-printed ballots feels a bit disingenuous. 

    Joe Kelly; Source: Greenwich Republicans

    Neither Mr. nor Mrs. Kelly had any complaints or objections during the caucus and agreed to all the rules set forth by the rules committee. In fact, despite Jill Kelly’s questionable eligibility, she was able to be nominated anyway. Jill Kelly had only attended four meetings over the last two years (out of 21 meetings), which is much less than the 50% needed to qualify to run again as is set in the state and town Republican by laws. Turns out she resigned three months before the caucus. However, in good faith, the District Leader (DL), Susan Schieffelin, let her run and be nominated anyway – and because Mrs. Kelly resigned in October 2023, she was not deemed an incumbent and not on the pre-printed ballots. In addition, despite being given multiple opportunities, Jill Kelly never informed the DL or the RTC of her intention to run. 

    Similar to past practices the incumbents were printed on the pre-printed ballots, they were: Joe Kelly, Susan Schieffelin, George Hritz, and Laura Gladstone. In addition, two new people who had contacted the DL and the RTC to express interest in running were on the pre-printed ballot: Erika Walsh and Aldo Pascarella - showing we did not discriminate on incumbents vs. new candidates. 

    The Kelly’s also agreed to the pre-printed ballots with no objections, especially as the ballots had very clear directions printed on the top and very clear lines for write-in candidates. Joe and Jill Kelly were in jovial spirits all night. During the meeting before the votes were counted, Jill Kelly complimented Susan Schieffelin, telling her “It was a very well run and organized meeting”. Mr. Kelly’s quote in the paper saying he “felt that the candidates were pre-approved by party leadership”, lacks candor as the Kelly’s read an endorsement letter from First Selectman Fred Camillo and 

    State Senator Ryan Fazio endorsing both of them, which has never been done in a caucus before. 

    Mrs. Kelly closely watched the counting of the ballots. However, it wasn’t until Jill Kelly, who came in 7th out of 10 nominees, realized that she had lost, and the Certification Sheet was signed, did she claim that the ballots were “confusing”. Mr. Kelly was elected, and several caucus members were pleased to hear him thank those officiating, commenting that it was a “good meeting”. Never once did he say that the caucus was conducted in an unfair manner. Laura Gladstone, who came right before Mrs. Kelly and below Mr. Kelly in number of votes and did not win, commented, “this was the most fair and organized caucus I have been to in ten years as a Republican volunteer in this town”. 

    Clearly, there is no merit to the allegations of impropriety in the D2 RTC election last week. The members of the RTC in D2 are disappointed to read Mr. Kelly’s factually incorrect quotes. Also, calling our members “extremists” for being fiscally conservative and standing for common sense principles is exactly what Mr. and Mrs. Kelly did when running for the RTM this fall with a slate of liberal Democrats colluding with Emma Goodman and Jenna Lowe and their front group for the DTC. As Republicans we believe in the dignity and potential of every human being. Ours is a large tent. Never let a disgruntled candidate who has lost a fair and square election try to convince you otherwise. 

    Susan Schieffelin, D2 District Leader;
    George Hritz, D2 Executive Committee and newly elected;
    Jim Volkwein, Chairman of the D2 caucus;
    Aldo Pascarella, D2 past and newly elected;
    Laura Gladstone, D2 past member;
    Tina Volkwein, D2 past member and teller; and
    Tim Schieffelin, Secretary of the D2 caucus and teller.

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