• Guilford High School Shoves Pride Into Students Faces

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    Students, along with a majority of parents, have been allegedly frightened into compliance and acceptance of in-school Pride celebrations at Guilford High School.

    Everyone knows that if you don't go along with Pride, you will get targeted for cancellation -- it would be tantamount to social suicide.

    So rainbow flags and progress pride flags can be seen displayed in classrooms, hallways and even the cafeteria in Guilford.

    But what if you are a devout follower of a religion that does not celebrate or promote LGBTQ culture?  How do you navigate this rather tricky month celebrating in-school pride?

    In fact, if you are a devout follower of certain religions, you are not allowed to promote the LGBTQ lifestyle at all.  Of course you don't judge, hate or ridicule those who adopt that lifestyle, but you cannot celebrate or participate in such activities, either.  It would be a violation of one's sincerely-held religious beliefs.

    Why does Guildford, or any other school for that matter, feel it has the right to promote a potentially divisive issue like this in what should be a place of academic learning?  Why are the rights of LGBTQ individuals seemingly viewed as more important than the rights of devout, religious individuals?  Aren't all students entitled to attend school in an environment that is welcoming and friendly, instead of hostile toward their personal beliefs?  Is that really "inclusive"?  

    - A Concerned Guilford Parent

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