• Help Keep Connecticut Drinking Water Clean And Safe By Protecting Watershed Towns

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    Did you know that much of the water that comes out of the faucets in Greenwich is created and stored in Easton?

    Did you know that the state's affordable housing law is empowering developers to break the zoning of watershed towns like Easton in their crusade to force high-density, low-cost housing into all towns in Connecticut, whether it fits there or not, thus putting your water supply at risk?

    How can you mandate high-density, low-cost housing in Reservoir towns like Easton that do not have sewers? 

    Towns that rely upon septic systems and leaching fields to filter human waste into clean water?

    The zoning in reservoir towns was designed to keep the water safe.

    But now the social engineers in Hartford are trying to undo the zoning in reservoir towns which would threaten cleanliness and safety of drinking water, potentially throughout the entire state.

    Just last week, State Senator Hwang and Representative Tony Scott introduced the "bill concept" of exempting the 14 towns in Connecticut with more than 70% watershed from the housing law provisions that allow developers proposing higher-density development in these towns to sue them in state courts, overturn their zoning, and overrule decisions made by their conservation commissions. 

    The list of towns with greater than 70% of watershed land include: Ashford, Eastford, Chaplin, Morris, Union, Redding, Somers, Roxbury, Goshen, Woodstock, Easton, Harwinton, New Hartford, and North Branford. 

    Concerned Connecticut residents should send a letter to ask the State Housing Commmittee to make the concept into a bill and give it a hearing.

    Two letters have been drafted with all of the relevant information, a short one and a long one, that can be copied and pasted into an email to the State Housing Committee. The site also includes a link to sign a group letter should you be interested. Please note the website does not collect or sell information.

    To stay informed about state and local issues affecting your town, subscribe to the Save Our Towns/save Our Schools here: https://saveourct.com/

    Short Letter:  https://saveourct.com/index.php/2024/02/11/action-required-short-version-please-send-the-letter-below-today-to-show-hartford-you-care/

    Long Letter: https://saveourct.com/index.php/2024/02/11/protect-cts-watershed-towns-long-version-please-send-the-letter-below-today-to-show-hartford-you-care/

    Group Letter: https://saveourct.com/index.php/petitions-letters/

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    Save Our Towns / Save Our Schools

    Save Our Towns/Save Our Schools is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to fighting to maintain local control of Connecticut towns, their zoning and their schools against the encroachments of the State and local unelected administrators. You can learn more here: https://saveourct.com/

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