• Here's Why Jahana Hayes Voted Against The Act To Prohibit Illegals From Voting In D.C. Elections

    All of the Connecticut House Democrats voted against it.

    Rep. Jahana Hayes (Public Domain)

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    Jahana Hayes, Congresswoman for CT-05, wasn't the only one from Connecticut to vote against H.R. 192, an act to prohibit individuals who are not citizens of the United States from voting in local elections in the District of Columbia.

    They all voted against it.

    Hayes issued a statement today to clarify the reason why she personally voted against H.R. 192.

    By the way, Hayes fully recognizes that non-citizens have been barred from voting in federal elections since 1924, and she knows that non-citizen voting in federal elections a crime punishable by fines and imprisonment.

    She said her "no" vote had to do with "Congress overriding decisions made by local citizens."

    "My no vote was because I do not believe Congress should dictate laws passed by local governments, that are not in violation of the constitution," said Hayes who added she does not think Congress "should overturn the will of the people on local issues in DC."

    Hayes went on to say she would "strongly oppose any attempt by Congress to override decisions made in local elections here in the Fifth congressional district of CT."

    That's an interesting comment to make about her own district, and led some to wonder if this means Hayes does think foreign citizens should vote in US elections?

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