• Hillsdale College Blake Center For Faith And Freedom In Somers Hosts Classical Learning Consortium Conference

    July 30, 2022

    "What Is Classical Education? And Why New England Needs It”

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    Hillsdale College has established a beach head in Connecticut and recently held an education summit at their new facility in Somers.

    The press release is below:

    HILLSDALE, Mich. — In partnership with Kepler Education, the Classical Learning Consortium for New England held a conference at Hillsdale College’s Blake Center for Faith and Freedom in Somers, Connecticut between July 15 and July 16. The conference launched the Classical Learning Consortium for New England and drew approximately 75 educators and administrations from the region.

    “The Blake Center has beautiful property and facilities,” said Labin Duke, executive director of the Blake Center for Faith and Freedom. “We are glad to share them with groups like Kepler and the Classical Learning Consortium that do such good work.”

    The conference, entitled “What Is Classical Education? And Why New England Needs It” featured four keynote talks and two break-out sessions on a variety of topics led by national and local classical educators. Eric Coykendall, director of operations of the Barney Charter School Initiative, spoke about starting a classical school with the help of Hillsdale College. 

    “Classical education seeks to shape the heart as well as the mind,” said Duke. “It is rooted in the pursuit of truth and motivates us to aspire to the highest things. The Blake Center is glad to have friends that share this mission in New England.”

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