• Hiring Illegal Entrants To Replace American Workers With Government Incentives

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    Finance expert John Williams highlights a concerning trend in American hiring practices, where tax credits incentivize companies to prioritize migrant workers over American citizens. This phenomenon, coupled with corporate investments in workforce housing, poses significant implications for the job market and real estate sector. (U.S. Government Is Paying Companies For Hiring Illegal Immigrants and Laying Off American Workers.)

    According to Tribune News Service, at least 87 migrants from Central and South America were hired in two separate groups. The same report stated that Tyson employs about 42,000 immigrants and that the company's corporate social responsibility executive said, "We would like to employ another 42,000 if we could find them."

    According to Bloomberg, just days after Tyson Foods’s Perry, Iowa location fired more than 1,200 American workers, the company announced that it has partnered with a non-profit refugee group, Tent Partnership for Refugees; they hired thousands of asylum seekers instead. (Tyson Foods Goes Woke: Fires Americans To Hire Illegal Mike Gunzelman, Published March 15, 2024.)

    Tyson recently hired tens of dozens of illegal immigrants from Venezuela, Mexico, and Colombia during a job fair in New York City. 

    The food company reported that it recently had a job fair in Iowa for immigrants to attend as American workers remain without paychecks. Tyson Foods also created a database of tens of thousands of illegal alien workers that it plans to replace American workers with, offering $16.50-an-hour wages and free immigration lawyers.  (Tipsheet, Tyson Foods Fires Hard-Working American Employees and Instead Hires Illegal Immigrants Sarah Arnold | March 15, 2024)

    In addition to hiring illegal entrants, companies have been hiring illegal entrant children as young as 13 to work cleaning up their plants.

    The Labor Department is investigating Perdue Farms and Tyson Foods after reports that migrant children as young as 13 have been working overnight shifts to clean the companies' plants. Tyson and Perdue are two of the biggest poultry producers in the U.S.

    The Labor Department told NPR that its Wage and Hour Division is looking into the matter, and could not provide additional details.

    Child Labor Violations Have Quadrupled Since 2015

    The inquiry comes after The New York Times Magazine published an article last week that described a harrowing account of a 14-year-old boy, Marcos Cux, whose arm was nearly torn off while working at a Perdue slaughterhouse on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. According to the articleCux was hired by one of Perdue's contractors tasked with cleaning operations. He and other middle and high school-aged children made up about a third of the overnight shifts at the plant — handling acid and pressure hoses to wash away blood and meat scraps from industrial machines.

    According to data from the Labor Department, child labor violations have nearly quadrupled since a low point in 2015 which has led to more injuries and deaths on the job. In July 2023, 16-year-old Duvan Robert Tomas Perez died after getting entangled in a machine he was cleaning at the Mar-Jac poultry plant in Mississippi. In 2020, 16-year-old Gustavo Ramirez was doing construction work on a hotel roof in Tennessee when he fell 160 feet and died.

    These acts against American workers are producing a backlash response.

    “This blatant favoritism has not gone unnoticed.  Conservatives have rallied behind a boycott of the company while America First Legal, a conservative action group, threatens potential legal action against the company.”

    “It is ILLEGAL under federal law to discriminate against American citizens based on their citizenship in favor of non-citizens of any kind when it comes to employment,” the group warned online.” (If Immigrants Don’t Steal Jobs, Why Is Tyson Closing US Plants and Hiring 84K Immigrants This Year? By Connor Cavanaugh, Western Journal March 18, 2024)”

    What is really going on is a reversal of the right of labor to earn a fair and decent wage in a fair market. When the labor supply of workers is limited to citizens, employers like Tyson have to compete against other companies for their workers. Wages rise accordingly and the standard of living rises for working class Americans.

    Unfortunately paying a fair wage has two consequences, lower profits and or higher prices.

    The alternative is to increase the labor supply by opening the borders and allowing mass migration of illegal entrants. These illegal entrants expect less and are willing to work for less. American workers are replaced with the lower paid immigrants. The company wins with lower labor costs, higher profits and possibly lower consumer costs.

    Since the immigration process includes a great deal of subsidies, it is the taxpayers, including the soon to be laid off workers that are paying the cost of this policy.

    “What we have here is another example where it's becoming more beneficial to be here illegally than as a U.S. citizen. Whether it's New York migrants receiving up to $15,000 prepaid debit cards per year (paid for by the American taxpayer) or repeatedly being protected from going to jail or even being arrested thanks to cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles's ‘Sanctuary city' laws, America's priorities seem backwards. 

    In recent months, even liberal mayors like NYC's Mayor Eric Adams publicly came out and admitted that the current influx of illegals is unsustainable” and that it would ‘destroy’ the city.  His words, not mine! (Tyson Foods Goes Woke: Fires Americans To Hire Illegal Mike Gunzelman March 15, 2024.)

    “And what this means is the eradication of the American dream. Every time an American is replaced with an illegal immigrant, it means that an American family loses a good family supporting wage. It means that American companies are literally replacing our own citizens with people who work for slave wages. That is not capitalism or a market economy, Jesse. That is the decimation of the American middle class via illegal immigration and it’s happening all over the country.” (Sen. JD Vance, interviewed by Jessie Waters)

    Although each and every one of us has sympathy for the downtrodden, in this particular case the illegal entrant is a pawn in a taxpayer subsidized scheme to take away the jobs of American workers who depend on a living wage to support their families.

    That is unacceptable. It is time for every working class and middle class American to vote for Republican candidates who will stop this confiscation of American jobs. We need to stop the flood of illegal entrants and focus on building an economy where every American who wants to work can find a job that pays a livable wage.

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