• How Himes Wanted To Transform A Country Into A Marxist Leninist Autocratic State – In His Own Words, Not Mine

    U.S. Congressman Jim Himes, Public Domain.

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    While still a student at Harvard, a university that has been all over the news for plagiarism scandals and radical "diversity, equity and inclusion" policies, Connecticut's current Congressman, Jim Himes, wrote an essay entitled, “The Sandinista Defense Committees and the Transformation of Political Culture in Nicaragua” in 1988.

    In this paper, Himes describes how past Communist dictatorships control the people and use the process of indoctrination to force the adoption of a new system, one that goes against free thought and democratic systems.

    Unfortunately, these same techniques are being used today in the United States to change attitudes and restructure our society. Worse, the process has been accelerated under the fear and control campaign forced onto Americans for years otherwise known as Covid.

    Himes, a fan of the Sandinista Marxist Leninist Movement, spent two months in Nicaragua studying how the Sandinistas transformed Nicaragua. He conducted interviews with locals who, possibly out of fear, wanted to remain anonymous. In fact, there are Nicaraguans in this country who came here under asylum who are still afraid to speak today.

    In his paper, Himes establishes his expertise on revolutionary transformations of countries. His work product demonstrates a thorough analysis of how revolutions transform not only the government, but also the culture of a country. He describes different models, including the Leninist model and the Cuban model.

    The revolution in Nicaragua, according to Himes, called for “the complete overhaul of Nicaraguan socio-economic and political structure” (p2.). Himes seemed to be a proponent of the approach, and liked the model the Sandinistas used. Himes then proceeded to review the goals of a revolutionary government transformation.

    Public Domain.

    “Structural transformations are only part of any revolutionary program. A problem arises in how to transform a people’s political culture in order to make structural changes relevant and meaningful. Political culture has been usefully defined by Sidney Verba as the “system of empirical beliefs, expressive symbols and values which define the situation in which political actions take place. It provides the subject orientation to politics.” Because revolutionary changes are inherently broad reaching the task of bringing a people’s “subjective orientation to politics” in line with those changes is a difficult endeavor”(p.2-3).

    In the United States, we are now experiencing the same kind of structural changes that Himes wrote about many years earlier. Our political culture has changed. Views on all types of cultural norms are being challenged and transformed. One example is the embrace of critical race theory, which first and foremost values immutable characteristics like skin color among the most defining characteristics of an individual. Another example can be found in the simple question "what is a woman" that a now Supreme Court Justice was unable to answer.

    This shift highlights transformative changes in our value system from equality to "equity" and reverses the progress of great leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King. The destruction of statues of formerly revered historical figures provides another example of these transformative changes, literally eradicating our history through a revolutionary program so that the next generation does not remember our past. That generation will not be able to see where we are going, or learn from past mistakes if we continue to erase history like that.

    Himes, as a university student, understood this strategy, and must be well aware of how our society is currently being transformed. He has also apparently been both consciously and unconsciously biased by his formative years, including his exposure to Marxism and Leninism. He still appears to be very much supportive of revolutionary style changes.

    Public Domain.

    Transformation does not happen on its own, of course.

    That's why Himes goes on to state in his essay, “Specifically, Lenin envisioned an elite party to be the agent of transformation. The party would serve as a vanguard, leading and instructing the people in the revolutionary endeavor”(p.4).

    What a coincidence.

    It turns out the Biden Administration has been acting like "an elite party as the agent of transformation" to America right now.

    Anyone who does not follow the policies of the "elite party" is persecuted, cancelled and / or shadow banned. Parents who oppose the indoctrination taking place in public schools are labeled domestic terrorists, and made into literal enemies of the state for opposing the will of the elite party.

    Everyone who voted for Donald Trump has been demonized as “MAGA Republicans”—the opposition, and therefore morally bad people in the eyes of the elite party. Voters have felt it necessary to change their political party affiliation from Republican to Unaffiliated out of fear of retaliation by employers, peers or even the government for the dangerous crime of wrong-think. University students who hold conservative views are being persecuted and cancelled on campuses all around the country, and even at Ivy League institutions like Himes' alma mater.

    Fear-mongering by the mainstream media is orchestrated in partnership with the elite party to determine what you should think about the news, and what facts are real, especially when it comes to "facts" that oppose the narrative of the elite party.

    The elite party further suppresses political opposition and dissidents using any means necessary.

    This is plainly evident in the politically-motivated criminal and civil prosecutions of Trump. The suppression of dissident ideology is part of the coercive strategy of the elite party. Meanwhile, judicial discretion for similar alleged actions is exercised to keep Biden and his family out of the courtroom all because of he's part of the elite party.

    Jim Himes has to know that the Leninist elite party model is the basis for this strategy. His public statements are supportive of the elitist model, and he is part of the elitist team. He's known about this strategy for his entire adult life.

    The final piece of the revolutionary strategy, according to Himes, comes in the form of education. Himes, quoting Castro, said, “‘All revolution is an extraordinary process of education… Revolution and education are the same thing’” (p.5).

    Public Domain.

    That is why the elite need to control our education system, and indeed progressives have already largely captured both K-12 and higher education in this country.

    The earlier the indoctrination program is started, the better, as far as the elite party is concerned. Ideally, the indoctrination would begin in elementary school, and continue all the way through university and graduate school. That's why parents who challenge what is happening at the public school level are labeled terrorists by the elite party. That's why dissenting opinions among faculty and students are not well-tolerated despite claims of "academic freedom" and "inclusivity".

    Of course Jim Himes is fully aware of this strategy. His paper in support of the Sandinistas confirms how well he understood the revolutionary process, even as a university student. He knows that the Biden Administration's elitist strategy is aiming to similarly transform our country. Himes supports those policies, and continues to defend the Administration even when the facts don’t justify it.

    It's time for We The People to replace the elite party and restore our country to its roots as a Constitutional Republic.

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    Dr. Michael Goldstein

    Dr. Michael Goldstein is running for U.S. Congress. You can learn more about his campaign here: https://goldsteinforcongress.com/

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    Despite the fact that Connecticut is saturated with media outlets of all types, they apparently missed the fact that a 16 year incumbent congressman was an admirer and apologist for the totalitarian Sandinista Regime in Nicaragua when he was in college. Why was what Dr. Goldstein's revealed in his fine article kept under wraps? Surely, the voters in Connecticut have the right to know that their congressman, who later made his fortune in the capitalist Hedge Fund industry, was once (1)


    Cont. an admirer of a notorious Communist tyranny in Central America? It begs the question: WHO IS THE REAL JIM HIMES? A Sandinista supporting Leftist or a Hedge Fund Capitalist? A Moderate Democrat or a Radical who regularly votes with AOC's far Leftwing Squad?  Also, if one goes to Dr. Goldstein's website to view the thesis itself, one finds that the source of this information is none other than Bob MacGuffie, his rival for the Republican nomination. (2)


    Cont. Bob MacGuffie, his rival for the Republican nomination. While the good doctor credits Mr. MacGuffie as the source on his website, wouldn't also doing so in his article been the ethical thing to do?


    I'm sure that Dr Goldstein has inside information on this topic.....

    surly Curmudgen

     JIM HIMES strikes me as an excellent candidate for appointment to a supervisory position on a small farm.


    All Communist regimes are alike - Have's v. Have not's. Equity is the deception, the propaganda, the mechanism of conquering a society. The "Have's" have it.

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