• How Many Wars Will Biden Start?

    As Obama said, “Never underestimate the ability of Joe to [expletive deleted] things up.”

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    Author Jerry McTigue (full disclosure – Jerry is a personal friend although we have different political views) wrote a hilarious book entitled: “You Know You’re Middle Aged When….” It mentions the usual maladies such as the need for reading glasses or joints creaking when climbing stairs, but one of his insights should receive the Nobel Prize for Perspicuity:

    “You know middle aged when you realize the people running the country are just winging it.”


    This was quite obvious when Trump became president. His approach to foreign policy was not to go through diplomatic channels, but to go straight to the top. Ignore precedent . Ignore advice. Just talk to other world leaders and wing it.

    But Trump’s foreign policy was such a huge success that even Henry Kissinger admired it. After elected, President Trump met with President Obama. Obama informed Trump that one of his major problems was containing North Korea’s president, Kim Jong Un, from shooting off ballistic missiles that would soon be capable of launching a nuclear attack on the United States.

    Trump reportedly responded, “Did you ever talk to the guy.” Obama had not.

    Once in power, Trump ridiculed Kim as “Rocket Man” and threatened “fire and brimstone.” This was pure winging it. But guess what? After Trump met with Kim, he stopped firing ballistic missiles.  

    Trump was ridiculed as “Putin’s puppet” and was even falsely accused of being a Russian agent, a hoax that was debunked by the Mueller report. But when Trump was president, Russia did not invade any country unlike when Obama was president, when Russia took over the Crimea. In fact, Putin prefers the feckless Biden to unpredictable Trump in the upcoming election.

    Furthermore, Trump began the Abraham accords and peace reigned in the Middle East. China remained quiet.

    Trump is the first president in recent memory who did not start an idiotic war.

    Nonetheless, Trump lost his bid for reelection, and we were told by the media and our ruling class “that the adults were back in the room.”

    What a scam.

    Biden appointed the most incompetent trio to the levers of power in United States history: Antony Blinken as Secretary of State, General James Austin as Secretary of Defense and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

    Together these Masters of Disasters made “winging it” an art form.

    In order to kowtow to the Democratic liberal base, Biden made climate change the center of his foreign policy, even stating that climate change was a greater threat to humanity than nuclear war! Biden’s forced our economy into inefficient renewables causing energy prices to spike. This gave the oil exporters Iran and Russia the sorely needed hard currency that was denied to them under President Trump. This cash, along with Biden’s senseless release of $6,000,000,000 to Iran enabled each to finance wars. Biden’s inept withdrawal from Afghanistan gave America’s enemies billions of dollars worth of weapons.

    World leaders such as Kim, Putin, China’s Xi and the Ayatollah now smelled weakness.  The country that crushed Hitler and won the Cold War, now had the lunatics running the asylum. And they acted accordingly:

    Kim started shooting ballistic missiles again. Putin invaded the Ukraine. China started saber rattling about taking over Taiwan and crushed democracy in Hong Kong.

    Hamas unleashed a terrorist attack on Israel that was highlighted by their videotaping themselves raping Jewish women and videotaping it!

    Biden initially condemned the attack but when Democratic Arab leaders in the swing states of Michigan and Minnesota informed him, they would sit out the election, even if it meant Trump won, Biden totally reversed his opinion, and started attacking Israel for defending itself. Biden apparently has fluid views on videotaping the raping of women based on political circumstances.

    Emboldened by Biden’s fickleness, the Houthi’s (terrorists in Yemen who the Biden administration claimed are no longer terrorists) started bombing cargo ships going through the Straight of Hormuz. And then Iran attacked Israel.

    What will Biden do next? Who knows? But one thing is for sure. It will have nothing to do what is in our country’s long term best interest or how many Ukrainians die or whether the Israelis will live in terror. It will be what is best to keep him and our incompetent ruling class in power.

    William Buckley once stated that he would rather be governed by the first fifty names in the phone rather than by the Harvard faculty. Truer words were never spoken. We are being governed by power-hungry grifters.

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    Dr. Joseph Bentivegna

    Dr. Joseph Bentivegna is an ophthalmologist in private practice who ran for Congress and US Senate in Connecticut. You can subscribe to his Substack here: https://substack.com/@jfbentivegna

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    scott norris

    Biden has been an abject failure since Day One of his administration, and it's all by design. To continue the "fundamental transformation" of America into a Socialist nation as started by his former boss. Oh he's an abject failure at being an American leader, but is a standout Socialist Comrade.

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