• HUSKY Health Coverage Expanded To Cover Children Of Illegal Aliens 15 Or Younger In Connecticut As Of July 1st

    CT Gov. Ned Lamont. (Public domain.)

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    As if it weren't enough that food prices are soaring along with inflation, rising gas prices, rising vehicle and property taxes, income taxes and Connecticut already being a sanctuary state, we now have Connecticut spending more of our tax dollars on funding healthcare for the children of illegal aliens. To be clear, WE, the taxpayers, are funding this. 

    The state can ill-afford doling out more taxpayer funds for those individuals who enter and remain in the country illegally in the first place. 

    Many Connecticut residents are often unable to get their medications because of soaring prescription costs. Healthcare insurance costs continue to rise. For some people, sometimes is a matter of paying bills over getting necessary treatment and medications because of high costs and salaries not keeping up.

    This is the Democrat agenda. Prioritizing future Democrat voters over hard-working Americans. Former President Donald Trump has made closing the southern border a cornerstone of his campaign and made clear he would immediately close it if re-elected.

    Some of you may recall United Hospital in neighboring Port Chester, NY.  In 2004, they began the process of shutting down the medical center due to the volume of debt they faced. Most of that debt came from the influx of illegal aliens which overburdened the hospital causing a mounting financial crisis. 

    This will not be the last healthcare facility to close its doors because of this. "Free" clinics are popping up all over the state, most to fill the gap of illegal aliens needing healthcare.

    This isn't fair to law abiding citizens, Veterans, and every taxpayer in the state and in the country.

    Expanding CT HUSKY health coverage to include children of illegal aliens under the age of 15 may seem like a compassionate move on the surface, but it sets a dangerous precedent. By providing benefits to individuals who are in the country illegally, we are rewarding illegal behavior and potentially incentivizing further illegal immigration.

    Screenshot, Greenwich Time (7/1/24)

    Additionally, this expansion could strain already limited resources and lead to increased costs for taxpayers. With healthcare costs already on the rise, it is crucial to prioritize coverage for legal residents and citizens who are in need.

    Moreover, opening up health coverage to children of illegal aliens could potentially displace resources that are meant for American families who are struggling to make ends meet. It is essential to ensure that our healthcare system is serving those who have followed the legal process and are contributing members of society.

    Instead of expanding coverage to children of illegal aliens, we should focus on improving access to affordable healthcare for all Americans while also addressing the root causes of illegal immigration. By doing so, we can create a fair and sustainable healthcare system that benefits everyone in our society.

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