• Lyme Disease Nearly Killed Me — The Struggle To Find A Cure Turned Me Into A Warrior Fighting For Truth!

    May 10, 2024

    Lyme sent me on a wild and scary ride that no one should ever have to repeat... but thanks to government corruption, many people find themselves stuck in Lyme hell.

    Map showing the 24,364 reported cases of Lyme disease in the United States during 2011

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    Guest post by Lyme Anon

    I originally wrote this article in March 2021 as a letter to a person I deeply admired for his strength to stand up for what was right at a time when it appeared the whole world had turned against him.

    I felt a spiritual connection to this man because my battle with Lyme Disease felt similar in many ways to his battle, as if the whole world had turned against me for getting a "conspiracy theory" disease.

    But the person I admired didn't just sit down and let life run him over in his darkest hour. Instead, he found courage and the strength to stand up to fight again, and take on the system that had cast him aside. His inspiring fight gave me hope, and taught me to never give up.

    Now I had a new mission — to expose the corruption and to share the truth about Lyme Disease so that maybe, just maybe, I could help people find relief for a brutal disease that robs people of their lives.

    I am hoping to bring attention to a crime against humanity impacting millions of Americans who don’t even know it, thanks to Deep State corruption: Lyme Disease.

    This disease nearly killed me, robbed my boys of their childhoods, drained my bank account, and destroyed all of my personal relationships. But that’s not why I’m writing. It’s what I learned when I went down the Lyme rabbit hole that rocked me to my very soul, brought me back to God, and turned me into a warrior, fighting for truth and justice.

    I’m hardly the first person to write about the injustices of Lyme, but perhaps my perspective on it may help others find the courage to seek the medical help they desperately need, and avoid the tragic path so many Lyme patients are forced to take. Maybe my voice can help finally force the government to reveal the truth about Lyme, once and for all putting an end to years of conspiracy theories. Here goes it.

    Why is Lyme a Cryme?

    When Lyme first emerged in the late 1970s and early 1980s, it was described as more debilitating than syphilis[1], capable of impacting every single organ in the body, producing a broad range of physical and neuropsychiatric symptoms. In fact, the new "great imitator" Lyme could mimic the symptoms of over 400 diseases[2]. Making matters worse, scientists learned Lyme could be transmitted through blood transfusions and maternal-fetal pathways, and suspected it might also be sexually transmitted. Lyme became the most terrifying disease to hit the world, until AIDS exploded in 1981, coincidentally around the same time, deflecting much-needed attention and research dollars from Lyme.

    By the early 1990s, the CDC aspired to develop a vaccine for Lyme. Due to the broad range of symptoms produced by Lyme, it would prove difficult to demonstrate efficacy of any vaccine. This marks the start of the “Dearborn scandal” well known to the Lyme community, whereby scientists deliberately altered the Lyme case definition to pave the way for a vaccine. Corrupt scientists falsified research to support a change to Lyme testing requirements. The change eliminated 85% of all lyme cases, typically the most devastating neurological cases, but also the chronic cases. No longer would Lyme be described as a debilitating multi-systemic, autoimmune disease that required years of treatment (it’s like AIDS, but less deadly). Instead Lyme would be redefined largely as arthritis and a bullseye rash, hard to get and easy to treat with three weeks of antibiotics.[3] Nothing could be further from the truth.

    When vaccine development began, CDC scientists started publishing research to suggest Lyme was over-diagnosed, and to deny the chronic nature of the illness. That helped lay the groundwork for the Dearborn scandal. Next, the CDC partnered with the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) to craft a set of Lyme diagnostic and treatment guidelines that ignored the needs of patients, especially the 85% whose disease just got “eliminated” due to scientific fraud. Patients were left sick and helpless, so a new organization of doctors emerged to focus on treating these patients: the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS). Think of it as a precursor to America’s Frontline Doctors or the Front Line Covid Critical Care doctors.

    Incredibly, CDC and IDSA responded by establishing an organization called American Lyme Disease Foundation (ALDF) to promote the “medical deep state” narrative. The mission of ALDF would be to discredit Lyme literate doctors in an attempt to get their medical licenses revoked, to publish fake research to obscure the truth about the disease (e.g., maternal-fetal transmission is not possible, chronic Lyme is not real), and to attack Lyme patients and activists as “crazy conspiracy theorists” branded with a catchy name: Lyme loonies. Friendly journalists helped promote the narrative and reinforced the name-calling. This is the original FAKE NEWS, weaponized to gaslight patients and attack the doctors who helped them. Step aside, coronavirus!

    When the Lyme vaccine [LymeRix] launched after the Dearborn scandal, those who took it became ill and developed chronic Lyme. Fortunately, the CDC had the foresight to eliminate chronic Lyme from existence before launching the vaccine, and so claimed it was a coincidence those folks got sick; clearly it had nothing to do with the vaccine. Just like folks who followed the CDC-recommended Lyme treatment but remained ill after treatment: if you were still sick with Lyme symptoms after following CDC guidelines, you no longer had Lyme, but instead another mysterious illness that coincidentally had the exact same symptoms as Lyme. But, since you just followed CDC guidelines, it’s definitely not Lyme, so stop asking! There’s nothing to see here! These are now "medically unexplained symptoms" so better find a doctor to treat the symptoms!

    Eventually the vaccine was “voluntarily” removed from the market, and became the subject of a landmark court case (Torrey v. IDSA[4]). All of the insurers named in the case privately settled in 2020, while IDSA and the corrupt scientists continued to fight in court. As an interesting aside, chronic Lyme sounds a whole lot like “long covid” which is often treated by Lyme-literate doctors. I wonder why? Is it another coincidence that coronavirus uses the same unreliable PCR testing that Lyme uses?

    The lack of reliable testing remains a significant issue for Lyme (and its co-infections) to this day, where test results are no more accurate than a coin flip. Imagine the anger and frustration of Lyme patients at seeing the alleged “rapid” advancements being touted with PCR testing for covid when Lymies already knew that the 40-year-old PCR tests, which are still promoted by CDC for Lyme, are totally unreliable. False negatives for Lyme range upwards of 70%, meaning many people never learn they’ve actually got Lyme in the first place.[5]

    Estimates suggest some two million people get Lyme every year in the US, but only a small fraction get diagnosed, let alone reported. In fact, CDC has restated its Lyme estimates multiple times: from 30,000 cases per year to 300,000 cases, and now to 476,000 cases per year. This only represents “surveillance” cases that meet CDC’s fraudulent definition, thereby vastly understating the true size of the Lyme epidemic. It’s the opposite of the all-inclusive coronavirus math, it’s the epidemic they want to keep hidden. CDC continues to slow-walk, stall and stomp over advancements in diagnostic testing despite the fact Lyme is the most common vector-borne disease in the US[6]. Why halt progress on Lyme testing?

    Unless it would reveal the Dearborn scandal from 1994, which has now obviously become a lie far too big to admit.

    What are the Implications of the Lyme Cryme?

    The propaganda disseminated by CDC and ALDF in the 1990s proved powerful and effective, since many mainstream doctors and pediatricians now believe Lyme primarily causes a bullseye rash and a sore knee; they have no idea it can produce a dizzying array of physical and neuropsychiatric conditions, or that it can become chronic. They often believe Lyme is over-diagnosed, prefer to avoid the “loonie” controversy, and instead rely on CDC guidance which provides plausible deniability. They have been trained to fear Lyme literate doctors who are considered “dangerous” for prescribing long-term antibiotics, antivirals, antiparasitics and herbal remedies for treatment. However, many of the same drugs are prescribed to people with other conditions, such as acne, for years without concern; it’s only a concern when these drugs are used for chronic Lyme. Seems odd, doesn’t it? Why does this sound so much like covid and treatments like hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and ivermectin, which can also be used to treat Lyme?

    Now imagine you are one of the two million people who get Lyme each year, but you aren’t one of the lucky ones who got a bullseye rash. Maybe you suspect Lyme, but tested negative or equivocal for it. You’re still sick, but your doctor assures you nothing is wrong. So maybe you see another doctor, take some different tests and try a new prescription. You might get diagnosed with ADHD or migraines. Maybe you see a couple dozen doctors over the next few years, as more and more symptoms slowly emerge, all very typical for someone with Lyme. At this point you might find doctors suggesting the illness is “all in your head” since the tests show nothing (thanks to CDC corruption), so you get sent to a psychiatrist where you might get diagnosed with depression, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Maybe you'll get locked in a psych ward, held against your will, and drugged into submission with mind-bending psychiatric medications, all for a bug bite.

    You can easily see where this is headed.

    The lucky folks, like me, find their way out of neuropsychiatric hell by going against the mainstream advice and seeking the help of a Lyme literate doctor. We learn the ugly truth about Lyme after reading stacks of books, scientific research articles and personal accounts from fellow Lyme loonies. We practically become doctors ourselves in order to get diagnosed. We often battle our own family members to seek treatment.

    Why do we have to go through this misery?

    Well, once your family members google Lyme, they get bombarded with propaganda from the CDC and the ALDF which employ scare tactics designed to keep them away from the truth. It’s an effective deterrent after nearly thirty years of use. The lies have practically become the truth by now. Why did Orwell have to be right?

    But you know better, so you desperately plead with your family to see the Lyme doctor anyway. You trust your own research, but now you look exactly like a Lyme loonie — just what the mainstream media warned your family would happen if you went to see a Lyme literate doctor. You know you are extremely ill, and begin to realize Lyme is actually very common, and really easy to get. You start to see through the CDC’s lies, and realize pretty much everyone you know probably has it since you live in a Lyme-endemic region (i.e., the US). But you’re glad to have found at least the cause of your endless medical misery, and are hopefully on the right track to restoring health.

    Inevitably, you begin to consider the vast societal implications of undiagnosed Lyme. You’ve watched Under Our Skin[7], and you’ve read Bitten[8]. You start to grasp the true enormity of the Dearborn scandal. The real number of people impacted by tickborne illnesses must be mind-boggling once you consider maternal-fetal transmission was hidden by CDC until 2020 when it was finally forced to admit it was possible. Then you might stumble onto Operation Paperclip[9]. It’s an absolutely terrifying journey down this particular rabbit hole! There are so many levels to this conspiracy, this crime against humanity.

    Trust me.

    So What’s [the Rest of] My Story Anyway?

    My Lyme story is just as ugly as the rest. Once I started seeing a Lyme literate doctor, my health immediately improved for the first time in years. It was amazing! Learning to trust my own research enough to go against the advice of my previous doctors was not only empowering, but brought a sense of relief to finally have an answer that made sense. I was so happy, I couldn’t stop sharing the truth about Lyme with everyone who crossed my path. Now I had a new mission, and needed an outlet. I wanted to reveal everything I learned with the whole world online, anonymously of course, so no one else would get misdiagnosed with Lyme ever again.

    That’s when I realized my own children showed signs of undiagnosed Lyme[10], and asked my family for permission to take them to see my Lyme doctor. My family didn’t believe my claims about Lyme, but agreed to let the pediatrician run a Lyme test, the same unreliable test recommended by the CDC. Of course the tests came back negative and "equivocal" (which is "neither positive nor negative"), so I begged once again for my children to see my own Lyme literate doctor since I knew huge differences existed in test quality and familiarity with the disease. I undoubtedly looked exactly like a Lyme loonie. And that’s when my family googled my Lyme doctor and found a hit piece on him that was written by the ALDF, along with scores of other “alarming” articles about chronic Lyme.[11]

    Suffice it to say, the story ended with a trip to the psych ward after my family decided my Lyme literate doctor brainwashed me into thinking I was sick. After all, I had taken two months of meds, twice the CDC recommendation, and should have healed by now according to the CDC. They felt my “dangerous course of medication” would result in antibiotic resistance, and that I had been duped by a slick doctor. Mind you, I have multiple degrees and spent years covering Big Pharma as an equity research analyst on Wall Street. I'm no dummy and I definitely know how to do research, but that didn't matter.

    My family believed I needed a safer medication to treat my "imaginary disease", something like an antidepressant or an antipsychotic, quite possibly the most dangerous, untested class of drugs in the world. My family further decided that I suffered from “delusions” related to researching "baseless online conspiracy theories", like Lyme and Operation Paperclip. It didn’t help when I highlighted all the strange symbolism and coincidences I noticed in the world.

    How could my family fall for this obvious propaganda? Why couldn’t they be bothered to read the research to learn the truth themselves? Why did they blindly just trust the government, even though they knew about other government corruption? After all, my father got sprayed with Agent Orange when he was in the Army in Vietnam; he was told for years nothing would happen to his health. But he eventually learned the truth and suffered the consequences of the government's lies. How will I ever get my own important message of truth delivered to them?

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    The Next Thing I Knew, Ambulance Sirens Were Blaring.

    I got admitted to the psych ward at Yale Hospital, the actual epicenter of the Lyme conspiracy theory, by my own family no less. Yes, I was held against my will and treated like a mental patient for a bug bite. I tried not to be angry at my family; after all, propaganda is incredibly powerful, but unfortunately so is Lyme rage. I took this “opportunity” to detail the entire experience in the hopes one day there would be a whistleblower investigation about neurological Lyme cases like mine. Who knows? Maybe I could become a part of the solution, and help finally bring some justice to this crime against humanity. But it would take a courageous super lawyer to help fight against a crime as prolific as Lyme, and my family wasn't interested in giving me so much as a dime to legally go after the doctors who caused me so much harm.

    And yes, to be fair, I was spouting off an endless stream of theories about Lyme and how it might be tied to the global depopulation agenda so revered by the likes of Bill Gates, the similarities that the Lyme epidemic had with AIDS and other epidemics, and so on. I talked about how Big Pharma loves Lyme, since it produces negative test results but hundreds of treatable (i.e., profitable) conditions with predictable revenue streams, the kinds of diseases that require a lifetime of maintenance drugs to manage symptoms.

    Just look at the example of a single, very common symptom of Lyme: ADHD, a frequent misdiagnosis for Lyme, especially in children. Would you be surprised to learn Big Pharma sells almost $17 billion annually in stimulant medications?[12] How much of that revenue stream would disappear if people realized they got Lyme instead? Remember, ADHD is just one of hundreds of symptoms potentially generated by untreated Lyme. Tickborne illnesses are a cash cow!

    But that was beside the point.

    I actually had a serious, raging brain infection and suspected my children had the same. I was locked in medical jail, and lost all of my rights, and all of my credibility in an instant. Gone forever, or so I thought at the time, thanks to these godless criminals. The love for my children is literally the only thing allowing me to keep my sanity in light of the terrifying situation. By now I’ve developed a seething hatred for fake news and all of the crooks responsible for brainwashing my family into believing lies about Lyme disease, and sending me straight into the hands of the enemy at Yale Hospital.

    What I experienced at Yale was shocking.

    I was flat out denied access to my Lyme literate doctor for starters; he lost all standing. I requested, but was refused, all diagnostic testing that would have revealed my disease. I was told I would be required to take dangerous, unwanted psychiatric medication in order to secure a release from the hospital. Initially, I refused to take the medication, and requested a medical trial along with the safety information for the medication. While I waited for my medical trial, I was denied food, fresh air and even the opportunity to exercise. I detailed abuses directed from staff toward patients, and fended off unwanted sexual advances from male inmates. I saved meticulous, often chilling notes. To this very day, I am haunted by what happened inside this so-called "hospital".

    After two weeks of “medical incarceration” I finally won the right for a medical trial. But I had to defend myself. Fortunately, I brought a stack of Lyme research with me, along with my medical records. However, after just a few minutes of explaining my case, I lost my medical trial. In retrospect, it shouldn't be a surprise, especially knowing the Yale doctors were chronic Lyme denialists. They pushed psychiatric medication again, which I refused again, citing my concern over the potential for unknown side effects, and since I knew the meds wouldn’t actually treat the etiological cause of my illness. I thought I had a choice of what would be put into my body. But I was wrong!

    It’s a “Code Gray” Emergency!

    Suddenly, a “code gray” was announced over the loudspeaker, so all the patients were swiftly locked into their rooms, except me. I was grabbed and restrained by two male nurses, each about twice my size, my face slammed to the floor while I was being restrained and I couldn't breathe. They jabbed my arm with a medication that made me black out, drool on myself and become listless. I would have to be carried back to my room, unable to walk on my own. I was informed this is how my medication would be administered each day until I would agree to willingly line up at the nurse’s window like the other inmates. They threw a copy of the pharmaceutical package insert I requested on top of me while I was lying unconscious in bed after a forced injection. Fun times in the loonie bin!

    The other aspect of my medical “treatment” would include indoctrination sessions with a group of young doctors and interns, along with the head of the unit. The meetings were designed to convince me chronic Lyme was not real. Laughably, they used research that I already knew was fake to try to convince me of their claims. I couldn't help but wonder why they put so much effort into trying to convince me. Why was it so important for an alleged “mental patient” to believe the lies being spewed by Yale, the CDC, et. al.? Was the truth about Lyme really so dangerous?

    These doctors required me to speak the words “I promise to never to seek the advice of a Lyme literate doctor” out loud as part of my treatment [re-education], otherwise they assured me I would never get released from the psych ward [re-education camp]. Threatening a patient suffering from a neuropsychiatric disease? How twisted is that!?! Is it even legal? Not that it would matter anyway, so it would seem, since these doctors are accountable to NOBODY. They are as untouchable as old Hillary Clinton herself.

    There is so much more to my personal story, but I think you get the gist.

    After what I experienced, I understand I cannot and will not stop fighting for justice for Lyme. And not just Lyme, but I have been given a sort of gift, a prophetic vision of a scary future replete with forced medications [vaccinations], like it or not. I realize I will need to join the fight against ANY unwanted and/or unnecessary medical intervention, especially knowing the scary truths hidden on the package inserts. Never would I have thought I’d become an anti-vaxxer, let alone be the only person at the grocery store with a naked face.

    My experience at Yale prepared me for covid in an entirely unique way. I immediately recognized the mask mandate as overreach, and not rooted in science. So I read the fine print in my state’s mask mandate to determine a way out of the madness, a medical exemption, and politely informed every retailer I frequented of my exemption. I never capitulated to the mask or any of the unscientific, unconstitutional mandates.

    Would I consider the covid vaccine? Not a chance after what I learned about CDC corruption! I still suffer from crippling PTSD thanks to what happened to me at Yale. I recognize the pattern with covid, since Lyme was just a previous incarnation of a bioweapon released on unsuspecting Americans. It’s a shame what these monsters do. These soulless demons need to be stopped!

    Like many others, I turned to Twitter to share the truth for as long as it lasted. Then my account got permanently suspended on January 6, 2021, after repeated warnings, all for sharing the truth about Lyme Disease and the government corruption that surrounded it.

    Dear God, Please Don’t Let This Happen to Anyone Else

    Want to know what keeps me up at night? Last year, a pediatrician in Pennsylvania mistook the hallmark bullseye rash of Lyme disease for the bruises of child abuse. The doctor immediately had the child removed from his parents’ home and placed into foster care for five days before learning the boy’s “injuries” were due to undiagnosed Lyme.[13] Can you imagine the psychological impact on this poor family? Yet tragic stories like this happen all the time with Lyme. It’s bound to happen when you have a disease that impacts two million people a year, but CDC only admits to a quarter of cases. The fraud has gone on far too long, and it needs to stop.

    Lyme left untreated has the potential to turn into chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, dementia, Parkinson’s, psychiatric illnesses, ADHD (especially in children), and so much more. Why aren’t doctors required to inform patients when making these diagnoses that their condition could have been caused by a bug bite? How many psych patients actually have undiagnosed Lyme and are being abused with SSRIs? Are doctors really unaware of the vast array of debilitating symptoms Lyme produces? Or do they know and choose to avoid involvement in a conspiracy theory disease? How many children are misdiagnosed and forced to take dangerous stimulants for ADHD instead of getting treated for a bug bite? What’s the ethical obligation under the Hippocratic Oath anyway?

    My mind is swimming with unanswered questions.

    Of course, my once-trusted pediatrician warned me against the dangers of taking my children to a Lyme literate doctor after I tried to share the truth about Lyme with him. I’ve got an accidental recording of the shocking conversation. Now I’ve come to realize the pediatrician, like so many doctors who failed me, is nothing more than a sales representative for CDC and Big Pharma. What an incredible journey it has been to wake from the deepest sleep of my life, to have the blinders permanently removed.

    I feel compelled to share my Lyme story as a warning for others, but prefer to remain anonymous for the sake of my family. My children aren’t ready to hear this story yet. And as they say, timing is everything.

    I learned some of the most important lessons of my life the hard way. Do your own research. Stop blindly trusting what the mainstream medical establishment is telling you, and read the fine print for yourself. Go straight to the government databases and research services. The information is often right there, but you’re just told not to look at it. Trust me, you need to look at it for yourself. Your life may depend on it one day.

    Please share my story with anyone who may find it helpful. Anyone saddled with unexplained health issues. Parents whose children are struggling with behavioral problems and academic performance. Friends who are considering taking a covid vaccine. Just don’t let it happen to you. Take control of your own destiny.


    Lyme Anon

    P.S. A 17-year-old girl in the psychiatric ward drew this picture for me. Her parents sent her to Yale for Electro-Convulsive Therapy for “intractable” depression, a classic misdiagnosis of Lyme. I shared my mission to spread the truth about Lyme. I also told her she could seek Lyme treatment without her parents’ approval at age 18. This picture was her thank you for my advice. Now it’s the symbol for my avatar. I’m still saddened to think about what happened to her delicate soul after ECT treatment. That was child abuse.


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    This is a fascinating article. I do not have Lyme's, but I know many people who suffer varied affects of the disease. Some have heart problems, joint aches, fibromyalgia, and there are other afflictions they have in addition that seemingly could be caused by this horrible little bug. Our medical establishment just keeps making me shake my head. Where will we be in 5 years? Scary.


    OMG. this story is so fascinating and unfortunately explains what i have been going through myself. been to 40+ doctors and no one takes chronic lyme patients seriously! they just want to drug you into submission with psych meds and go away.

    this really is a crime against humanity!

    i never thought about it being passed on through bodily fluids, but makes sense since those little bacteria and parasites can get anywhere and are so hard to kill!


    Tucker Carlson just did an interview with Kris Newby who has written a book "Bitten" and has a documentary that details the backstory of Plum Island and cover up of the origins of Lyme disease. Here is the link: https://tuckercarlson.com/uncensored-kris-newby

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