• Inside The USAA DEI Reading Room At The Air Force Academy

    Originally posted at STARRS.us.

    In the Soviet Army, each company had “political enlightenment dayrooms” (ie indoctrination rooms) which contained all types of Marxist/Communist political literature, newspapers and magazines, such as The Red Star, Pravda, Iszvestiya, Soviet Warrior and Ogonek. This room also contained a small library of selected Communist political literature. The library books were taken to the field whenever the unit went on maneuvers.

    In February 2021, after the Biden administration began inserting Marxist-based critical race theory (which morphed into the weaponized words “Diversity, Equity & Inclusion”) into all branches of the State, the Air Force Academy created a “Diversity and Inclusion Reading Room” in the McDermott Library.

    A safe space for America’s future warriors to learn about people’s personal sex lives and questioning their sexual identity. Obvious things to know when they face battle with China, Russia, Iran, etc. You could be forgiven thinking this was a typical left-leaning college instead of the nation’s premier institution for developing Air and Space Force military leaders.

    Here are photos of the library from this month (click on photo to enlarge):

    Maybe veterans need a new insurance company?

    Kindergarten class

    We wonder if the PRC military academy cadets or soldiers have signs in their buildings that say #LoveWins?

    The below poster says, “The readings in this area will expand and elevate your understanding of other people, cultures, and nations, with a special attention to questions of race, gender, class, and sexuality. As an officer-citizen you will want to educate yourself about the diversity that is central to and necessary for a military serving a democratic nation.”

    Actually a Constitutional Republic nation, E Pluribus Unum instead of the divisive division which divides like a divorce: diversity. [The Latin root “div” means “separate”]

    What does DIVersity at USAFA mean to you? A unified, cohesive team?

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