• Ironically, Feminists Unleash Hate-Speech Agenda Around The World

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    Acting at the behest of feminist and transgender activists, lawmakers in many countries are considering so-called “hate-speech” laws. In response, critics charge these policies represent a “state-sponsored assault on free speech with alleged incidents going on record even with no evidence”.

    The Pew Research Center reports that 43% of men and 38% of women under 30 years of age have experienced online harassment. But feminists at UN Women make the opposite claim, insisting that women are “disproportionately affected” by online hate speech.

    The following developments occurred within the past month:

    Germany, March 9: Law enforcement authorities carried out raids across Germany against persons suspected of posting hate speech on the internet. Police raided homes and interrogated 45 suspects in 11 states. The searches were part of a “Combatting Misogyny on the Internet” day of action. Remarkably, no one was arrested. The raids recalled the heavy-handed tactics used by the Weimar Republic during the 1930s.

    United States, March 26: Washington State governor Jay Inslee signed a new law to create a hotline for hate crimes and bias incidents. The policy vaguely defines bias incidents as “hostile expressions of animus”. The law ignores the fact that courts have consistently struck down similar bias response teams on college campuses. 

    New Zealand, March 27: A group of protesters painted over a rainbow-colored street crossing. Alarmed over the presumed “hurt and confusion” among members of the LGBTQ community, police issued a search warrant for what they called a “hate crime”.

    Scotland, April 1: The new Hate and Public Order Act went into effect this past Monday. The law does not define “hate,” but authorizes the Minister of Police to enact regulations to combat sex-related hate-speech. After Tory Murdo Fraser posted a satirical social media comment suggesting non-binary persons might want to identify as a “cat,” Police Scotland logged the post as a "hate incident." In response, Fraser threatened to take legal action.

    A review of the above incidents reveals that none of them resemble any reasonable notion of “hate.” Rather, they represent instances in which persons exercised their right to free speech in order to challenge the feminist orthodoxy.

    Ironically, feminists are themselves some of the most frequent purveyors of hate-speech. Canadian commentator Janice Fiamengo explains,

    “Feminists are open and unashamed about their hate speech, instances of which would fill volumes and which regularly appear in mainstream print and online publications. Two of the most obvious are British feminist leader Julie Bindel’s “Why I Hate Men,” published in the Guardian…and Professor of Sociology Suzanna Walter’s “Why Can’t We Hate Men?” in the Washington Post.”

    British lawyer Charlotte Proudman, for example, has a track-record of indulging in anti-male invective. Recently, a formal complaint was lodged against Proudman for posting a 14-part thread on Twitter that contained “seriously offensive, derogatory language which was designed to demean and/or insult the judge”.

    If feminists want to end hate-speech, they should first take a close look at the misandrist actions by members of the Sisterhood.

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    Domestic Abuse and Violence International Alliance

    The Domestic Abuse and Violence International Alliance – DAVIA — consists of 139 member organizations from 35 countries in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. DAVIA seeks to ensure that domestic violence and abuse polices are science-based, family-affirming, and sex-inclusive. http://endtodv.org/davia/

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    Definitely give voice to a group that believes women are the domestic abusers. This article is complete garbage. And I’m a conservative.

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