• Is “Banning Books” The Real Problem Or Yet Another Canard? Appropriate Access To Books In Our Schools.

    November 29, 2023

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    Submitted by Cheryl Resnick and Joe Solari

    On November 16th at 11:30 am, the League of Women Voters (LWV) hosted a small group discussion at the Cos Cob library to discuss Restricting Access to Books in Our Schools. We thank LWV for hosting this important discussion. The LWV hosts were Ann Edwards, Director at Large, and Kristine Lowe, Vice-President of Programs. Ms. Edwards started the conversation with a list of “banned books” and observed that banning books in schools was alarming. There was universal agreement in the room that books that reflected life in past eras should not be banned from schools and that history should not be censored and revised. These are important learning materials to inform and educate our children.

    “Banning” and “Book Banners” are terms and labels being wrongly applied to books that are easily available for purchase or borrow outside of schools or school libraries and to parents who question their place and promotion in those venues. A real problem that was identified and articulated at the meeting revolved around the sexualization of children starting at elementary schools where visually graphic books about sexual acts with children and youth are being promoted in taxpayer funded schools and public libraries. 

    Promoters of the books shown below are effectively using your money to push their own sexual ideology onto your children.

    A concerned GPS parent helped the discussion by presenting facts about books available in the children’s section in our schools and public libraries. Below is a small sample of books and highlighted pages.

    As Joe Solari, one of the Founders of Concerned Greenwich Parents and a member of the Executive Committee of the Greenwich Republicans noted: 

    Our schools should be focused on academic, artistic and athletic excellence. Our schools, in partnership with parents, should be protecting and guiding our children. They should be preserving their innocence, not corrupting it, maintaining the trust of their parents when acting in loco parentis, not violating it.

    Parental consent is required for a field trip to the zoo, yet normalizing pornography for children and hiding it from parents is sadly becoming all too prevalent at GPS. The acceleration of sexualizing children starting at elementary schools is truly alarming. Parents and grandparents in the room agreed that young children whose minds and bodies are developing should have access to age-appropriate books as recommended by publishers. There was agreement with an attorney in our group who said, “I support freedom as a constitutional right. Quoting Supreme Court Justice Potter, I also know obscenity when I see it. There are many venues for porn, schools and children’s sections in libraries are not the venues.” 

    There was general agreement that there is a clear distinction between understanding and supporting sexuality vs promoting sexual ideology by placing these books front and center in children’s and youth sections. One parent defended children with special needs and shared that these children are more vulnerable and need extra protection from adults pushing their own sexual agendas. A GPS parent with a child in the elementary school stated that intercourse can be taught in sex-ed or biology, but questioned how the different sexual positions and partners are relevant to educational outcomes? 

    The book "It's Perfectly Normal" was available in Dundee Elementary School at the beginning of the year, but has since been reported lost. It's still available at Central Middle School, Greenwich High School and in the Children's Rooms at Greenwich Public Library & the Perrot.

    Ms. Sandy Waters, President of LWV stated that there were policies in place and any parent who objected to these youth and child porn books being promoted in schools and libraries should follow the policy. Ms. Waters should know that when it comes to children, there is a high bar of protection and safety first before policy. 

    Sadly, shamefully, and wrongly, parents who stand up to the school and Board of Ed administrators to protect their children from visually graphic books about sexual acts with children and youth have been labeled as “extremists” by the proponents of this practice.

    Parents, even if you read one of these books and see the pages marked, you will understand the depth of damage that is being done to your children’s minds and the bodily damage of cutting body parts off young and developing bodies in the name of “gender affirming care” is irreversible. 

    As a supportive community, we need to stop this madness and take three immediate actions: place age-appropriate books in the right sections of school and public libraries, remove child and youth sex books from school libraries, and say something when we see something. We welcome parents to get involved and encourage you to speak up - these Greenwich Republicans stand for you and with you.

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