• Is Easton's First Selectman Following The Rules On Special Meetings? Or Hiding Something?

    September 7, 2023
    Easton Town Hall, Public Domain.

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    Last Friday Easton residents received a notice about an upcoming Special Meeting that was scheduled for Monday, September 4, 2023. The meeting was shared via an Easton group, and not until Monday evening did some people notice something wasn't quite right...

    Why was a Special Meeting called that did not include meeting details or the business to be transacted? 

          1. Executive Session "...strategy to discuss potential claims and litigation..." 

    Why did the Agenda show no business to be transacted, only Executive Session?

    Why include a zoom link to the meeting but not let the public into the zoom?

    Does this mean that First Selectman Bindelglass, who is on his second term, doesn't know the statutes pertaining Special Meetings?

    Easton's apologist, Town Attorney Ira Bloom Esq., apparently doesn't know law either?

    Easton residents have the right to know meeting agendas, including what is to be discussed. This was not a meeting, but an attempt to pretend to have a meeting in order to usurp the public and dramatize the idea that a "meeting" was being held. 

    What's being hidden? Is it the Quit Claim Deed Bindelglass signed for the South Park Property? Was payment received? And why was a Quit Claim used?

    The people are tired of Bindelglass' charades.

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    Anne Manusky

    Anne Manusky, M.Ed., a 23-year Easton resident, wife and mother, is also the President of the CT Republican Assembly Chapter of NFRA and also CT Parents Involved in Education (CTPIE is a chapter of USPIE). She ran in Easton for Board of Education in 2015 and for Selectman in 2018. She has written extensively to advocate for children's issues, especially against the current ideological trends of pressuring academics, sex transition and psychological manipulation of children.

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