• Is The U.S. Government Fit To Rule FREE People?

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    "You Americans have the wrong ideas of the nature of your Constitution."  These were the words Benjamin Franklin heard in 1757 from the mouth of Lord Granville, the president of the Privy Council.  However, Franklin knew his rights and and thus, he knew Granville and others in the British ruling class with the same attitude were mistaken.

    Do you know your rights?  Do you know the foundational principles on the system of government ruling over us? 

    Let's take some time to review them with a reading of the Declaration of Independence:

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    Stephanie Edmonds

    Stephanie Edmonds is a public school teacher turned advocate, and creator of Teaching Liberty, an internet show and podcast that covers current events, including on-the-ground independent reporting and interviews. As an advocate, Stephanie uses her knowledge of the education system to work with various non-profit organizations to help families understand their rights, as well as to advocate at the local, state, and federal level for and against policies. Stephanie is also a mother and homeschools her son. You can follow her work on YouTube, Rumble, Instagram, or X (twitter).

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