• It's Everywhere! Act Blue Donation Laundering All Over Connecticut!

    March 31, 2023
    Public Domain

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    CDM and The Georgia Record released on our GA 2024 Show a week ago information from Florida election integrity activist Chris Gleason that across Florida, Georgia, Maryland and other states, donation 'smurfs' were donating tens of thousands of times in small amounts - obvious election donation laundering.

    James O'Keefe then famously put the issue to the world via a recent video.

    Now the 'smurfs' have been uncovered in Connecticut.

    This story is developingl...

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    4 comments on “It's Everywhere! Act Blue Donation Laundering All Over Connecticut!”

    1. It seems that Mr. O'Keefe has discovered where all the money we've sent to ukraine has disappeared to.
      Whence comes the indictment of "act blue" for money laundering?

    2. Well, they keep reelecting a man who lies about having military experience, if you can believe that. So why not? Connecticut is as corrupt as Illinois, New Jersey, California, Arizona, Michigan, California....

    3. CT needs to purge the communist Democrats that have destroyed a once beautiful state that USED TO have tens of thousands of some of the highest paying jobs in the country and more Manufacturing than any other state.

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