• Jim Himes’ Cowardly Embrace Of Higher-Indoctrination

    December 14, 2023
    US Rep Jim Himes

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    The Israel–Hamas war and the alarming eruption of antisemitism across the nation’s college campuses is presenting Jim Himes with a steep challenge in deploying his usual go-to rhetorical dodges. Himes, a supreme practitioner of ‘having-it-both-ways’ on every issue requiring taking a clear stand, is failing the test on this watershed issue.

    Jim Himes has VOTED AGAINST both aid to Israel (H.R. 6126: Israel Security Supplemental Appropriations Act) and against freezing the release of funds to Iran (H.R. 5961: No Funds for Iranian Terrorism Act) while only VERBALIZING empathy for the Israeli people. Then last week we all witnessed the scandalous spectacle of the presidents of Harvard, U-Penn, and MIT literally getting tongue-tied in the well of the House, when they couldn’t emphatically denounce their own students’ and professors’ calls for ‘genocide of Jews,’ as a violation of school policy!

    The university presidents’ answers were so profoundly evasive and inadequate that Representatives Elise Stefanik (R) and Jared Moskowitz (D) sent a letter to the Boards of the three universities calling for the respective presidents’ firing. The U-Penn president has since resigned in disgrace. The letter was co-signed by 72 members of Congress – but not Jim Himes. Instead, ‘Having-it-Both-Ways-Himes’ tweeted “There is something very wrong in elite American higher education.” Yep, Himes offers a peep of a head-nod in the correct direction, but puts his name to nothing specific - all while he crawls back to huddle with the radicals, driving the narrative of the Democrat Party…and hopes no one notices his duplicity.

    The sad facts are that there is much more wrong with American higher education than Himes’ has the courage to admit in his anemic statement of the obvious. The concept of ‘politically correct’ is based on the idea that nothing can be forbidden that has been deemed to be “correct” in the eyes of the Education Elites. Therefore, it has committed itself to the strict enforcement of a close-minded, intolerant conformism and prohibition of ideas different from their own; they combine this with a demand for an absolute ideological order based on their views. All else is to be cancelled or criminalized via a shrinking of the ability to think and write critically; such views will be enforced by weaponizing Leftwing ideological positions such as “critical race theory,” “safe spaces,” “hate speech” laws, reverse racism against all critics and now, antisemitism badly dressed up as opposition to Israeli “occupation” and “oppression of Palestinians.”

    It has degenerated to the point where it tries to "contextualize" and even issue apologias for the most-vile expressions of genocidal antisemitism, which they unleash without regard for the safety of their students nor for the social order of our Nation.

    This mentality has completely poisoned our schools, which has seen "Higher Education" deformed and perverted into Higher-Indoctrination.

    As historian and scholar Victor Davis Hanson states (12/9/23) in the NY Post: “Elite universities such as Stanford and Yale boasted that their so-called “white” incoming student numbers had plunged to between 20% and 40%, despite whites making up 68% – 70% of the general population.”

    He goes on: “The number of Jews has nosedived from 20% - 30% of Ivy League student bodies during the 1970s and 80s to 10% - 15%. Jewish students are stereotyped as “white” and “privileged” – and thus fair game on campus.”

    News reports are currently full of Jewish students being harassed, stalked, attacked and chased by mobs of pro-Palestinian “demonstrators.”

    History tells us that the Holocaust didn’t begin in the Death Camps; it began with the harassment of Jews wearing traditional religious symbols and clothing, with the banning of Jewish students from Universities, with the boycotts of Jewish businesses, and with the ejection of Jews from the professions… and all of that looks painfully similar to what is being both preached by the WOKE Leftist Professoriate that dominates Academia (especially the Poison-Ivy League) and practiced by the brainwashed young storm troopers whose minds they have raped.Such bigoted antisemitic actions paved the road to the ultimate atrocities of Sobibor, Treblinka and Auschwitz.


    And where is Jim Himes on all this?

    His votes, not his words, continue to tell the true story.

    On 12/13 2023 he voted AGAINST House Resolution 927, which called for “Condemning antisemitism on University campuses and the testimony of University Presidents in the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.” Instead, all he can muster is a tweet that there’s “something very wrong in elite American higher education.”

    Pathetic postings such as this nebulous tweet, which he thinks will mask not only this vote, but the grotesquely anti-Israeli and pro-Iranian votes mentioned above, is exactly how Himes schemes to prop-up a façade as a Moderate here in the District. Be assured, what Himes is really concerned with are the radicals in his Base who control his votes. He’s petrified to be any more specifically critical of these universities – after all, many of the more vocal of his Base are products of those institutions, which are currently being engulfed with antisemitism. But the era of duplicitous ‘representation’ in CT-4 has got to end now. Himes' duplicity over the past 15 years has driven the country into our multiple current crises.

    So – I’m calling on Mr. Himes to take a stand with moral clarity, and sign-on to the Congressional Letter to the remaining university boards. Then, instead of offering quick-hit media soundbites in DC, come back to your District and do what you never do. Hold a press conference here, discuss and defend your VOTES, and take an unequivocal stand supporting Israel’s right to exist, as well as the Jewish people worldwide. And condemn these universities in no uncertain terms for their coddling, enabling, and in
    many cases, promoting antisemitism on their campuses.

    If elected I will seek to join the House Committee on Education and work against the WOKE radicalism and antisemitism which has overrun academia. What should be under serious consideration is a House Resolution withdrawing university tax exemptions and grants, unless they quickly come into line with the foundational values and standards of the American system.

    The 2024 election will be a referendum on this man’s failed 15-year rule.

    Bob MacGuffie is currently seeking the Republican nomination to oppose Jim Himes in the CT-4 2024 election: www.bobmacforcongress.com

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    Bob MacGuffie

    Bob MacGuffie is currently seeking the Republican congressional nomination to oppose Jim Himes in the 2024 election: www.bobmacforcongress.com

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    Jim Himes is appalling! As Mr. Macguffie so correctly points out in this article, is that Himes is a coward. He votes with the Democrat pack, gets in front of his constituents and says something altogether different. In other words, he is a BS Artist! Watching antisemitism within the USA in the media is both frightening and disgusting to see. It is quite obvious that our children attending the most prestigious universities in the country have been indoctrinated by nut job left wing professors.

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