• Jim Himes Fails To Vote For Aid To Israel

    November 9, 2023

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    Ever since the atrocious and barbaric attack on Israel by Hamas on October 7th, Jim Himes has been interviewed multiple times on all the networks for his views on the attack. In each case he has reiterated his view that the attack was an atrocity committed by Hamas, and that Israel is “thoroughly justified in defending itself.” His verbiage indicates he wants to be seen as someone firmly in support of Israel as it faces what may well be the gravest threat to its existence since its founding.

    However, Mr. Himes was elected to REPRESENT us with his VOTES in the House, not gab about his myriad and endless points-of-view on cable TV. As is the case with so many, many pressing issues of the day, Himes’ constituents in Fairfield County watching talking-head TV, were given the impression he would ACT on the assurances he made on the airways. But they would be wrong and mis-led, yet again. When

    H.R.6126: Israel Security Supplemental Appropriations Act came to the floor for a vote in the House last week, Jim Himes voted AGAINST supporting Israel. That’s right – and he sure hasn’t mentioned that little detail in subsequent TV interviews.   

    Since Himes neither mentioned nor explained this despicable vote, his mouthpiece Democrat leader Hakeem Jeffries made it clear that the $14 billion Israel aid package had to be joined with Ukrainian aid, which is otherwise destined for a much tougher negotiation. In addition, Himes and the Democrats want to borrow the money for the aid, rather than take it from already approved funds. And to top it off, Himes and the Dems just HAD to vote against newly elected speaker Mike Johnson’s first proposed bill. These are the utterly cynical budget games Himes and the Democrats have deployed for the past 15 years, which have directly led to ballooning the national debt from nine to $33 trillion. The Israel Aid bill passed the House with just 12 Democrat votes in the affirmative.

    While the House Democrats are left to stew in the poisonous juice of their failed gambit against Israeli aid, this Hamas attack has ripped open and exposed a mighty schism within their fraudulent Party. At least since the rise of the Marxist ‘Squad’ in 2018 made their influence visible, Marxist and radical Islamist ideology has been increasing its influence within the Party. It has now quite demonstrably spilled into the streets and campuses across America for all to see, and can no longer be bottled-up. And quite rightly, many Jewish leaders are publicly aghast at the reality of it all displayed before them in daily news reports. Liberal Jewish influencers had long been a reliably Democrat voting-block.  But for the past decade or more, the Democrats have been duplicitously cultivating both votes and campaign funding from radical subversive groups. It has now become a time-for-choosing. And Mr. Himes, in the middle of it, is as usual trying to have it both ways. 

    Democrat leaders who already condemned the Hamas attack as an atrocity are still trying to placate their two irreconcilable internal factions. Some are now calling for a ‘ceasefire,’ while Biden himself has called for a temporary ‘pause’ – these gambits clearly favor Hamas, who will only use the breathing space to advance their war aims. We’ve seen this play before – Hamas commits the terrorist atrocity, and after Israel mounts its response, complicit national and world leaders call for a ceasefire before Israel can root out the source of the violence - Hamas! 

    Jim Himes has signaled he is traveling this road as well; except he has inserted an interim step in the process. Himes has emphatically stated near the end of this video interview that in its response Israel must “observe the laws of armed conflict.” Those 'laws' apply to nation-states, not a terrorist organization. Let’s not be confused - this call is nothing more than another hampering of Israel’s self-defense objectives.

    Deploying such a straddle is nothing new for Mr. Himes. At a Himes town hall in July of 2021, I called out the Squad members by name, reminded Himes of their unrelenting public degradation of the U.S., and challenged him to publicly denounce them and their Marxist faction. In a video of that confrontation you can see Himes’ usual, tired deflection of the core issue while he tangled himself parsing their words. The man is utterly incapable of providing a straight answer.

    It is reported that the pressure from the significant contingent of Marxist influencers and operatives in the Democrat party, is becoming untenable for the Biden team. It’s certain those same pressures are building on Mr. Himes, for he proceeded to vote AGAINST the censure of Rashida Tlaib for antisemitism on the House floor. With Tlaib & Co. hectoring and threatening from the Left, the Biden Administration is certain to issue additional qualifiers as it transits the road from Israeli to Palestinian support. We’ll be keeping close watch on Himes as he inevitably tries to follow in Biden’s duplicitous footsteps.

    Jim Himes is NO Moderate

    The 2024 election will be a referendum on this man’s failed 15-year rule. 

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    Bob MacGuffie

    Bob MacGuffie is currently seeking the Republican congressional nomination to oppose Jim Himes in the 2024 election: www.bobmacforcongress.com

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