• Jim Himes' Silence Is Complicity

    Yale Protest, Photo by Bob MacGuffie

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    Over the past two months Jim Himes has seen fit to issue commentary for the media, both press and TV interviews, on a seemingly endless number of issues that fit the Democrats’ agenda.  He’s spouted off about Speaker Mike Johnson visiting Connecticut, court rulings on abortion pills, fundraising, more money for Ukraine, J-6 fear-mongering, fundraising, border deceptions, federal $ sprinkles for local parks, fundraising, in-vitro fertilization, capped insulin costs, fundraising, solar panels for Bridgeport, and chaos in the House of Representatives – among many others.

    Notably absent from his daily self-serving jabbering, is any mention of the top domestic issue festering over the past couple months – the outrageous pro-Gaza and antisemitic demonstrations which spread across the campuses of dozens of universities across the country.  In the past week they went from threatening and intimidating to literally erupting into full-blown violence on many campuses.  Dozens were arrested at UConn, while after a couple weeks of disruptive demonstrations at Yale, the protestors kept their intimidating anarchy moving to avoid arrest.  I personally documented the protests at Yale last week in this article in The Connecticut Centinal.  I gave an on-camera interview to FOX 61, but they only aired commentary supportive of the demonstrations.

    But not a peep from Mr. Himes on this critical national issue - on which moral clarity is an imperative... and should be a no-brainer!  He’s probably hiding under his DC desk with Dick Blumenthal and Chuck Schumer.  Democrat mouthpieces like Himes, who usually seek out face-time on TV, have run for the hills on this issue.  They’re trying to wish it all away. 

    And there’s a plain explanation for their behavior.  It is because Democrat operatives, and agents of the organized American Left over the years, have sown the wind with the seeds of national subversion.  And they are reaping the whirlwind in such a profoundly obvious and demonstrable way, that they dare not even approach a microphone.  Take a good look – it may be the first time Democrats have been caught speechless! 

    From the anti-war demonstrations in the Vietnam era, to Occupy Wall Street, to the Ferguson riots, to the Floyd protests and the BLM burning of the cities, Democrat politicians have not been shy about visibly supporting and using disruptive, violent anarchy for their purposes of accumulating and exercising power. But twentieth century history informs us that the use of such ‘cats-paws’, once unleashed, eventually cannot be controlled by their would-be masters in the ruling political party. The Democrats have escaped responsibility for these violent subversive uprisings over the past dozen years, but this time there is no escape – and they know it.

    The reason is that they have quite visibly cultivated, nurtured and funded the most innately violent of the American Left’s front groups (remember Pelosi cheering on the Antifa/BLM riots and Kamala Harris raising funds to bail them out).  Over the decades these activist groups, e.g. Antifa, have served to activate and advance the Democrat agenda. But their success in amplifying the Democrat agenda, and activating their followers at election time, eventually came to a critical inflection point.  These hard-left radical grievance mongers ceased simply doing the bidding of the Democrat party, and instead began making their own demands of elected Democrat officials.  For the past decade the demands were made mostly behind closed doors, as we observed Democrat officials push increasingly radical leftist agendas, regulations, and legislation. 

    But after the October 7th Hamas attack, the demands became more public by the radical Islamist lobby, while overt compliance by Biden and the Democrat party became a radioactive endeavor.  Biden, in the moment, instinctively came to Israel’s side.  But his massive hard-left base, now wedded to radical Islamist groups, demanded otherwise.  Spokesmen from the Muslim communities in Minnesota and Michigan stated publicly that they would withhold their votes from Biden if he failed to come to the aid of Gaza by holding back Israel in its effort to eradicate Hamas.  Yes, the chickens did come to roost in the homes of the Marxist Squad members Omar and Tlaib.

    Jim Himes, who long ago proved his Marxist bona fides, has head-faked and duplicitously tried to both sate the radicals in his base, while verbalizing minimal support for Israel throughout the past seven months. I called him out on it all in a Breaking Commentary in February. Himes actually had CAIR, a well-documented Hamas support group, lead an online discussion for him on the Israel-Palestine conflict.  Now, Himes desperately tries to avoid comment, as the Leftist radicals he has quietly used, nurtured, and depended on for his electoral ends over the years, set out to literally IGNITE college campuses across America!  

    Come on out Mr. Himes – Do you stand with civilization, or with the barbarians who have already breached the gates? 

    Radical Jim Himes is NO Moderate

    The 2024 election will be a referendum on Jim Himes' failed 15-year rule. 

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    Bob MacGuffie

    Bob MacGuffie is currently seeking the Republican congressional nomination to oppose Jim Himes in the 2024 election: www.bobmacforcongress.com

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