• Julie Kushner’s Lies About Appropriating Funds For Danbury

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    By Jeffrey Berlant

    At the conclusion of the 2024 legislative session the Democratic delegation made incredible claims of accomplishment for Danbury. After a careful fact finding review, we give the delegation 5 Pinocchio’s for not telling the truth. 

    Senator Kushner said:

     1. “Danbury’s delegation has secured more money to keep our promise to pay 80% of Career Academy construction.

    PINOCCHIO 1: School construction grants are based on eligible project cost, which are limited by state standards and criteria as outlined in Legislative report 2022-R-0239.

    Danbury Democratic delegation had nothing to do with reimbursement percentage.

     2. “We’re putting a new roof on the Ellsworth Avenue school”

    PINOCCHIO 2: The cost of the roof replacement was included the Career Academy bonding HB 5524 Bill 178.

    Danbury Democratic delegation had nothing to do with that funding.

     3. “We’re renovating new science lab at the high school”

    PINOCCHIO 3: Funding for renovating the science lab comes from 2 sources; 1 from 2.4 million of SNAPP2020 bonds approved during the Boughton administration, which Mayor Alves voted against when he was on the City Council. The second source is the $43,900,000 bonding for district-wide improvements under the Esposito administration.

    Danbury Democratic delegation had nothing to do with that funding.

     4. “Democratic legislators announced that they had secured $12 million in state aid”

    PINOCCHIO 4: In their own words they said it was an unexpected windfall funding from the American Rescue Plan Act.

    Danbury Democratic delegation had nothing to do with this funding.

    5. Democratic delegation has secured more money for the Career Academy.

    PINOCCHIO 5: Bonding for a new school started with Mayor Esposito, the Superintendent of Schools, the voters and a request to the State Board of Education. Once approved it went to the Dept. Administrative Services for approval and then was added to HB 5524 Bill 177 along with 25 Connecticut town projects.

    Danbury Democratic delegation had nothing to do with this funding.

    Senator Kushner said she worked very hard to secure State aid for Danbury, and that Mayor Alves spent a lot of time in Hartford working as an advocate for Danbury. Unfortunately for Danbury, Senator Kushner spent most of her time advocating for the union from which she retired. You have to wonder if Mayor Alves' trips to Hartford were for his position as Treasurer of the Democratic party or for the City of Danbury. The legislative chambers are closed to the public while in session and the Mayor has $30K in his budget to pay for a lobbyist. Why would he have to be there?   The promise of honesty and transparency is lacking.

    This message has been approved by the Danbury Republican Town Committee.

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