• Junior League Of Greenwich Announces "Unconscious Bias Training" With "Top 10" DEI Service Provider

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    The Junior League of Greenwich (JLG) has decided it is time for a little DEI training, though the timing of this event is curious considering the role DEI has played in whipping college students into such a frenzy that some of them now openly support Hamas.

    The normally well-intentioned ladies who run JLG have arranged to bring a DEI consultant, Blaire G. Hervey, all the way from Portland, OR, for some "unconscious bias training" on Wednesday, May 8th.

    The event was also advertised by the Greenwich Democrats.

    Source: JLG

    Hervey, a nearly five-year member of the Junior League of Portland, describes herself as "one of the most unconventional corporate strategists you’ll ever meet."

    She calls herself a "DEIBA" and is proud to "challenge societal norms of appearance, language, attire, and background expectations" while she is exposing and dismantling the alleged rampant systemic racism plaguing this country. She further promises to "disrupt the status quo to create a more equitable and inclusive society" as a key part of her mission.

    Source: LinkedIn

    Hervey is going to be talking about unconscious bias, recognizing your own bias and privilege, and the "allyship continuum" during her Greenwich talk.

    Just so you know, when Hervey says "allyship" she means "doing the work" of equity, a term that has become ubiquitous for creating more, not less, racial division.

    For white men, she says that engaging in allyship means "staying informed, adapting to new challenges, taking meaningful action and navigating emotions of feeling left out or left behind in this movement."

    Hervey said she shifted the focus of her work, especially after the death of George Floyd (who most likely from a medical condition), to focus on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

    Topics in her discussion series have included:

    • Why Ending Racism Should Be The Deepest Desire of EVERY White Person (Link)
    • From Equality to Equity... Are we there yet? (Link)
    • Will Microaggressions Ever End? (Link)
    • The War on Woke Is a War on Inclusion (Link)
    • Creating Workplace Values with an Equity Mindset (Link)
    • Avoiding the Common Mistakes of Allyship (Link)

    In case you are wondering what can white people do to become better allies, the answer according to Hervey is to get more involved in social justice efforts that help black people.

    "After over 400 years of oppression of black people... it's time for everybody to make a move," she says.

    During a post-George Floyd interview in 2020, Hervey actually claimed, without providing a shred of evidence, that the interviewer's voice carried more weight than Hervey's own simply because of the implicit white privilege of the interviewer.

    Hervey went onto argue that white people have more benefits in today's society than black people because of the color of their skin, and urges white people to "use their power for good."

    She suggested that white people can learn from a couple of her favorite resources, including BLM activist Shaun King, and his Grassroots Law Project, which advocates for passing laws like banning police from traffic stops, banning no-knock warrants, and getting police out of schools.

    It's unclear exactly how much research the ladies at the Greenwich Junior League did before selecting Hervey, who is a persuasive and passionate speaker, to deliver DEI training.

    But the training seems a bit out of normal for JLG which is much better known for the always delightful Enchanted Forest, "Touch a Truck", the Den for Grieving Kids, Positively Me!, the Greenwich Pool and a long list of other really wonderful programs and events in Greenwich.

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