• Kohl's Selling Trans-Themed Baby Clothes While At The Same Time Funding Group Accused Of Grooming Children

    Source: www.kohls.com

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    Not to be outdone by Target, which reportedly lost $10B in ten days, Kohl's has also jumped into the fray with a complete line-up of items just in time for Pride month.

    Items include adult, child and baby clothing; shoes; jewelry; home accessories; and more.

    The Norwalk Kohl's stocks these items, including a pride bodysuit with a transgender flag for 3-month old babies.

    Source: www.kohls.com

    When asked why Kohl's would offer baby clothes with trans flags, the Norwalk Kohl's store manager, Diana, explained that Kohl's loves to celebrate Pride month and also every single other holiday, even "Latino month and Asia-Pacific Islander month".

    The manager said, "If you don't like it, you don't have to buy it," when asked how she felt about Kohl's selling these items

    Perhaps even more troubling, Kohl's website revealed a five-year commitment to The Trevor Project, along with a $100,000 donation made in 2023 to the group.

    Source: www.kohls.com

    The Trevor Project has repeatedly been accused of grooming children in chat rooms with sex talk about fetishes, and how to keep that hidden from parents.

    In fact, the group Gays Against Groomers has issued a strong warning about the group's online forum "TrevorSpace" that, "browsing the website for merely a few minutes makes it abundantly clear what it actually is: an online dating service for children and people aged 13-24."

    Why Kohl's would give $100,000 to The Trevor Project to support the grooming of children remains to be seen. As does the potential financial impact for Kohl's.

    Kohl's stock closed on Friday at $20.03.

    Let's see what happens this week.

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    Toss them on the heap with Bud, Target, Disney, Ford...etc. They don't need the business of Patriots if they don't support our values.

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