• L Todd Wood: New Connecticut Centinal Is Waking Up Connecticut Residents To The Left's Lies

    October 21, 2022

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    CDM Founder L Todd Wood speaks with The War Room on the changes coming to Connecticut politics.

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    Except for college and the Army, I lived and worked in Fairfield County, CT until I retired and moved across the country to the inland northwest. My only regret is that I didn’t move away forty years sooner.


    I just realized L. Todd Wood played guitar for Rush! Just kidding but he sure looks like Alex Lifeson though!

    Lorraine Shelley

    yes I am just realising my mistake in not leaving Fairfield County a long time ago
    should’ve done it when my kids were very little - now they are in middle school it’s much harder to convince them, although I think they might agree to it for a puppy and two ferrets seems like a good deal to me!

    Marcus J. Mitzell

    Just read Wood's article in the ARMED FORCES PRESS about the current US AIR FORCE ACADEMY Superintendent's woke policies. I followed online the tragic death of USAFA Cadet Hunter Brown who dropped dead from a blood clot while walking to class. I don't believe the official line that the clot came from a football foot injury. I believe the mandated Covid vaccine was responsible. It is my hope that someone or some group will sue the Academy/US Military and the vaccine makers. The vaccine makers, although currently insulated from lawsuits, can be, and are being sued, for hiding vaccine injuries during the vaccine development phase.

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