• League Of Women Voters Says "Environmental (Climate) Justice Is An Inalienable Right" In Written Testimony In Support Of SJ 193

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    The allegedly "non-partisan" League of Woman Voters (LWV) submitted decidedly partisan testimony in favor of Senate Joint Resolution No. 193, which proposes an amendment to the Connecticut State Constitution that would give the state control of pretty much all environmental and property rights.

    In part, the language of the bill reads:

    "The state shall serve as trustee of all of the natural resources of this state, including its waters, air, flora, fauna, soils, and climate, and shall conserve, protect, and maintain these resources for the benefit of all people, including present and future generations."

    The LWV didn't have to submit testimony on this bill, but it chose to do so.

    According to its website, the League is "a political grassroots network and membership organization that believes the freedom to vote is a nonpartisan issue."

    SJ 193 has absolutely nothing to do with voting.

    Nonetheless, the LWV felt compelled to speak up in support of SJ 193, apparently because of equity and social justice related issues. And possibly to convey some type of reparations to "right the errors of the past" presumably with respect to climate change and environmental justice.

    From the submitted LWV testimony (bold emphasis is ours):

    "This amendment is worthy of inclusion in our constitution because

    1. it protects the human rights of minority and disadvantaged communities by ensuring they are treated equitably as we face climate change impacts;
    2. it acknowledges that the right to clean air, water, and soil is an omission in our State Constitution. It is needed to ensure environmental justice;
    3. our elected officials must ensure state funding is conveyed to minorities and disadvantaged communities to right the errors of the past, and to make sure those decisions and mistakes are not repeated in the future; and
    4. it recognizes that environmental (climate) justice is an inalienable right."

    You can read the full, obviously biased and highly partisan comment below.

    Source: CGA.gov

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    I OPPOSE this criminal bill as the state has no lawful powers to steal our land for profit in the grounds of your fake woke agenda!


    Instead of changing the Constitution, all that is necessary is to issue a notice to any federal agency that has approved geoengineering activities that those activities cannot be lawfully carried out over Connecticut; prohibit foreign states or international bodies that engage in geoengineering from engaging in any atmospheric activities over Connecticut, as are other states such as Kentucky https://legiscan.com/KY/bill/SB217/2024

    Here's Why

    What does this topic have to do with voting? This organization is so biased. Under the moniker "non-partisan" makes them liars.

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