• Lindsey Graham Suggests Sending Illegal Immigrants To Connecticut In CNN Interview

    December 4, 2023

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    Senator Lindsey Graham said this week that Texas should not have to bear the burden of the broken border, and that Governor Greg Abbott should be sending the illegal immigrants to states like Rhode Island, Oregon and Connecticut, where Democratic senators oppose new, stricter asylum provisions.

    Graham said, "You have got 11 Democratic senators signing a letter resisting changing the laws that attract so many illegal immigrants. Six million people were encountered in 2023. Texas has been overrun. The Democratic position is remain in Texas."

    "What I'm telling Governor Abbott, why don't you send 1,000 of these illegal immigrants to the states where these senators wrote the letters, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Oregon, and let them understand what it's like to live with a broken border," continued Graham.

    Bash said that shuttling the illegals to other states "may not be the most humane move".

    But Graham assured Bash that, "it's not inhumane to live in Connecticut."

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    Paul A

    Tell that rhino to start voting against democrats instead of driving along in the clown car. Maybe he should be removed for messing things up! Get him outta here!!!

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