• LIVE 12:30pm EST - The Globalists In Plain Sight With Lara Logan, L Todd Wood - On War

    November 19, 2023

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    CDM's Globalists In Plain Sight Host Christine Dolan interviews CDM's Founder and Editor-in-Chief Todd Wood LIVE from Israel with Investigative Journalist Lara Logan. 

    Each of them have covered wars and earlier Intifadas and know this latest Hamas attack on October 7th is very different. 

    The co-ordination, the fierce brutality on those inside Israel, and the massive global disinformation campaign should send shockwaves across those who deal with reality.   

    Join in for a spirited conversation on the "Reality of War" and "Rude Awakening" to the facts. 

    All are veterans of covering wars and their distinctive experiences on the ground will be enlightening.  

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    Christine Dolan

    Christine Dolan is a seasoned Investigative Journalist, television producer, author, and photographer. She is Co-Founder of American Conversations whose format focuses on in-depth analysis of critical issues about “the story behind the headlines.”

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