• LIVE 12pm EST: The Globalists In Plain Sight - Tom Rempfer

    March 17, 2024

    CDM's Host Christine Dolan interviews Colonel Tom "Buzz" Rempfer, Author of book, Unyielding, which will be published in May. 

    Rempfer had a front row seat to history to the anthrax vaccination debacle and to history repeating itself during Covid-19. 

    It is a fascinating account of what the United States government did to its own military with anthrax vaccinations starting with Gulf One in the 1990s when US leadership ordered all military in  the theatre to get those anthrax vaccinations,  and what followed in the later 1990s when they tried to get anthrax vaccinations given to all military. 

    That program was put on hold, but after 911 anthrax letters were mailed. There was huge media coverage of those letters at the time. Anthrax letters were sent to then Senator Tom Daschle and even to members of the media. The FBI investigated the source and buried the story for years. 

    Rempfer highlights the evolution of the Emergency Use Act which was created during this anthrax era and the lawsuit which followed outlawing the anthrax vaccinations then, and then nexuse of implementing the EUA when the Covid-19 "vaccinations" were rollout. 

    Congress and President Trump told the US government, specifically DOD to clean up what they had done including but not limited to cleaning up the harm the government caused military members. 

    To date, the wrongs have not be righted. 

    Law were violated. Veterans lost their pensions.

    The powers that be knew and Rempfer is still in the fight telling all to stay in the fight hoping that the U.S. government leaders will not only right their wrongs, but learn from their own intentional inflictions of harm. 

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