• LIVESTREAM 12:30pm EST: The Globalists In Plain Sight! With Dr. Phillip Altman Of Australia

    September 2, 2023

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    Christine Dolan, Host of CDM' Global Conversations IN PLAIN SIGHT, interviews Dr. Phillip Altman of Australia, who has spent over 40 years as the "Go To Man" for PHARMA for regulation approval in Australia. 

    Dr. Altman is a Pharmacologist, who specialized in Clinical Trials and Drug Regulatory Affairs and was a senior industry pharmaceutical consultant in drug research and regulatory approval for over 40 years.

    During the early days of COVID, Dr. Altman gave the regulators the benefit of the doubt over how they handled the COVID response. 

    But, not now - the evidence is overwhelmingly proven the opposite to him as a major player in this industry. 

    Today, Dr. Altman calls PHARMA and those who go along with them - "psychopaths" trying to fundamentally coerce and force citizens into further covid shots although there is a plethora of evidence that proves these shots should not be given. 

    In a compelling conversation, Dr. Altman projects that COVID PHASE TWO will be different if people do not wake up and object to what world governments are negotiating with the World Health Organization - basically, unelected bureaucrats controlling our medical lives. 

    Dr. Phillip Altman is a Contributor to CDM. He is the author of [email protected]


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