• Long Lots Elementary In Westport Asks Students To Build "Beyond Gender Stereotypes" Avatar

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    Parents at Long Lots Elementary School in Westport were shocked and angered over a recent assignment where fifth graders in at least two classrooms were asked to explore gender stereotypes - a concept which is not supposed to be taught in elementary school.

    The exercise involved students building a cartoon avatar that either goes with or goes against gender stereotypes.

    The students were first asked to choose between being a person or an animal.

    What kind of message does that send to the youngsters who are meant to be exploring gender stereotypes through this exercise? That you can be a human or an animal? Like a "furry" perhaps?

    The next prompt asked students to identify if the avatar was female, male or "non-binary" even though most fifth graders do not have the capacity to comprehend what being "non-binary" actually means in practice. Heck, most adults don't understand it either.

    You can easily imagine how being presented with a choice like this might be confusing for a 10-year-old child.

    At the end of the assignment, a new banner was generated for Google Classroom based on all of the avatars created by the students.

    Of the 19 students, about a third chose to identify as animals.

    What do you think the take-away was from this lesson?

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    Amy Williams

    Leave the schools! The abuse will never end, no one follows the law(even if the nonsense is banned). Don’t offer your child up for abuse!!! They will be better off with no education, until you can find something better, or homeschool.

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