• Macy's Asks Customers If They Want To Donate To The Trevor Project, The Group Accused Of Grooming At-Risk LGBTQ Youth

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    Macy's at Stamford Town Center

    Customers checking out at Macy's this month have been surprised by a request during checkout to "round up" and make a donation to the controversial group, The Trevor Project, which has been accused of grooming children through its at-risk hotlines for LGBTQ youth.

    Macy's at Stamford Town Center

    Macy's support of The Trevor Project is nothing new -- the relationship between the two organizations dates back more than ten years by now.

    It turns out that Macy's is, in fact, the largest funder of The Trevor Project, and a proud national Pride partner. This goes hand-in-hand with Macy's DEI commitment, of course, which has "become embedded" into how the organization thinks, acts and operates across every part of the company.

    Since 2019, Macy's has raised over $5M for The Trevor Project, which has enabled the group to provide over 35,000 minutes of time on the phone lifeline, text and chat services to LGBTQ youth. The donation campaign will also support The Trevor Project’s programs designed to help prevent LGBTQ young people from entering a crisis, such as its advocacy and research efforts.

    Source: Macy.com

    The problem is that The Trevor Project has been accused of using this hotline to groom at-risk LGBTQ youth. The controversial group has also advised organizations on banning conversion therapy as well.

    For instance, the Trevor Project advised the Anchorage Alliance to adopt an ordinance banning counselors from helping children overcome gender confusion, and instead recommended its own website which has a feature that counsels kids online and helps them to quickly hide their online chat history from their parents.

    If this counseling is so helpful, then why teach children to hide it from parents? Unless there is something to hide, which is exactly what one curious mother learned when she posed as a child to gain access to the hotline.

    According to the Post Millennial, "a mother who was dealing with her own child’s gender dysphoria posed as a 15-year-old gender dysphoric biological female to access services online with the Trevor Project on Sunday. She found that every step of the way, she was guided further and further into affirmation of being trans, with no stop gaps along the way where a kid could be told that maybe they weren’t trans, and should take a moment to think about it."

    In this particular case, the Trevor Project representative immediately advocated for transitioning and provided no information about detransitioning to a confused teen who didn't know where to go for help. Can you see how this kind of advice would be viewed as grooming, and therefore very problematic for at-risk children?

    By the way, Macy's is also featuring non-binary clothing from The Phluid Project as part of its commitment to Pride Month. The brand features clothing with slogans like "gender is a social construct" and "ask me my pronouns."

    Macy's stock peaked in February at just of $24 a share, but today is trading just under $16.

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    I now have to dial 3 extra digits on my phone because of this crap. Enough of these poor sick, misguided people. We need to leave them alone to sort it out for themselves. It's not like these people have been in the closet for the last 50-60 years or so, and it's not like they're a mystery. Maybe it's all the media and movies and the entertainment world that is creating all this. I grew up in the gay community and know the drama, and there is a strong support system within the community.


    We need to call that line and waste their time and money en mass

    Sam Bacon

    So the Trevor Project is accused of “grooming” children via its hotline for at-risk youth? You do understand exactly what a hotline is & what it’s used for, don’t you? You also understand what the term “at-risk youth” means, right? You should also be fully aware that it’s literally IMPOSSIBLE to groom anyone into being a particular sexuality or gender identity! Those two things are not only completely & utterly different from one another, but they can’t be changed!

    Sam Bacon

    Human sexuality is simply something that a person is born with, and it literally can NOT be changed! People are born heterosexual. People are born homosexual. People are born bisexual. People are born asexual. It’s impossible to groom anyone into being something that they’re not! Stop with your unsupported nonsense!


    Chipotle is also offering to allow you to donate to the Trevor Project on their online orders.

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