• Manchester Group Submits Petition To Town Clerk, Opposes Town Plan To Reconstruct Main Street

    Manchester, CT.

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    The Town of Manchester has received a grant of $7.5 million for a cycle track and road changes for Main Street in the downtown area.

    This funding came from the federal government through the State of Connecticut. In the application, it could have been used for a host of town projects, however it was submitted for a cycle track and road diet. The proposed cycle track is estimated to take away 25% of the road width. As a result of this road width reduction, the entire southbound lane will essentially become parallel parking. In key blocks in the southbound lane, parking will be reduced and repositioned at the most southern end of Main Street adjacent to the South Methodist Church.

    There are other potential impacts, too, and that's why Save Downtown Manchester assembled a committee to respond to the proposal.

    Community members want to maintain the historic nature of a wide main street, increase parking where possible to promote economic growth, implement improvements, connect existing bike ways to downtown and provide a bike pod to park and lock a bike, and in-turn create a walkable downtown for cyclists. 

    That's why the group started a petition to support alternate recommendations, and the community responded with overwhelming support.

    Today, May 7, 2024, 1,938 signatures for the Petition for Ordinance were submitted to the Town Clerk, Town of Manchester, Connecticut. In accordance with the Town Charter, section 3-10, Petition for Enactment, 5% of the total registered voters in the town or 1,733 signatures meets the requirement. As of May 7, 2024, there are 34,694 registered voters.

    To date, 59 business and property owners in the downtown district have submitted signed and notarized affidavits opposing the Town’s proposed Street Scape Project. 

    The group's website, savedowntownmanchesterct.com, has more detailed information regarding alternative recommendations to the Town of Manchester’s proposed Plan.

    In addition, you can find Save Downtown Manchester, CT on Facebook.

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