• Maximum Danger From Now To Wednesday (May 8th)

    Capitol in Hartford. Public Domain.

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    If the 2024 legislative session ended at this very moment, we would be able to give you a fantastic report. There has been so much noise and activity around so many attacks on faith and family this session and not a single one of them has become law.

    The problem is, this is not the end of the session. There are another five days to go. And anything can happen.

    For instance:

    Our sources tell us that HB 5417, the Porn in School Libraries Bill, is dead. And Speaker Ritter, in a press conference today, said HB 5424, the Force Catholic Hospitals to Refer for Abortions and Genital Mutilations Bill, will likely die without a vote this year.

    Sounds good, right? Guess we can wrap up early, right?

    Not a chance. The worst thing pro-life and pro-family citizens could do right now is to be lulled into a false sense of complacency by this information.

    First, because these final days are when the horse-trading occurs behind the scenes. Even the good guys could be tempted to trade away one of our priorities for something that matters to them more. So bad bills that were supposedly dead might suddenly be revived.

    Second, because the bad guys sneak things into budget implementers. Remember the public hearing last month at which we objected to a law hindering minors from suing doctors who mutilated them? That had become a law because of a budget implementer, without any public input.

    Third, no one is even claiming that the worst bills are dead. SJ 4, the Abortion/Genital Mutilation Amendment to the State Constitution is still alive.

    And we are now also fighting SB 425the Force Doctors to Perform Genital Mutilation BillSee this testimony against SB 425.

    So don't believe anyone when they tell us that we can calm down. They tell us that every year. But this is when the crazy happens. The midnight amendment, the sneaky implementer, the rotten deal. 

    FIC Action will be at the Capitol day and night until the last minute on May 8th, fighting to keep it from happening. You can help by continuing to contact your legislators.

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    Family Institute of Connecticut

    The Family Institute of Connecticut (FIC) is composed of three distinct organizations. FIC Action is an 501(c)(4) social welfare organization which undertakes lobbying in defense of marriage and the family. FIC Action Committee is a registered state political action committee that was created in 2004 to help support pro-family candidates to CT state government. Family Institute of Connecticut is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit educational organization founded in 1989 to focus on marriage strengthening projects, educational efforts, and research.

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