• Mayor Alves Deceives Danburians Again!

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    By Danbury Republican Town Committee

    It is disappointing to see Mayor Alves consistently taking credit for things that were initiated by prior administrations. He is consistently deceiving Danbury’s citizens again. His lack of ability to get anything done at the state level for our city is a glaring lack of leadership. The Grant he is trying to take credit for was originally requested to transform downtown including Danbury’s historic courthouse, crucial infrastructure for CIFC, and the Community center. We appreciate the community investment fund for all of its investment and its commitment to Elmwood Park.

    Leadership Concerns

    There is criticism of his leadership abilities and effectiveness at the state level.

    Grant Details

    The grant, originally requested to support the transformation of downtown Danbury, including the historic courthouse, infrastructure for CIFC, and the community center, was for $15 million, but only $1.3 million was received.


    The grant request was created by the City Council in July 2022, before Mayor Alves took office.

    Impact of the Funding Shortfall

    The substantial shortfall in funding will significantly impact the proposed projects. The limited funds now available will constrain the transformation efforts, leaving many planned enhancements for Danbury incomplete or severely scaled back.

    Transparency Promises Unfulfilled

    Mayor Alves campaigned on a promise of transparency, yet his administration has consistently fallen short of this commitment. The citizens of Danbury deserve honesty and clarity, not misleading claims and half-truths.

    We call on Mayor Alves to acknowledge the true origin of the grant and to focus on genuine efforts to secure the necessary resources for our city's development. The community’s trust and our city’s future depend on it.

    Danbury Republican Town Committee 2024

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