• Moms For Liberty Expands In Connecticut, As National Organization Reports Massive Revenue Growth

    November 21, 2023
    Moms for Liberty has three chapters in Connecticut.
    Source: Moms for Liberty

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    Moms for Liberty is on fire right now!

    The group of "joyful warriors" has rapidly expanded since its 2021 founding and now has 278 chapters in 45 states, all dedicated to fighting for the survival of America by unifying, educating and empowering parents to defend their parental rights.

    Revenue for the parental rights group has grown by 579% according to the most recent Form 990 filing, bringing 2022 revenue to $2.14 million compared to just $370,029 in 2021. With more money in the coffers to spread their message, the Moms' expenses are on the rise too, increasing from $163,647 in 2021 to $1.7 million in 2022, while demand for new chapters continues to grow.

    The Moms list just three people on the payrolls for now, including Tina Descovich, the Executive Director and Co-Founder ($50,140); Marie Rogerson, Executive Director of Program Development ($50,251); and Tiffany Justice, the Director and Co-Founder ($44,250).

    The rest of the Moms gladly volunteer to man the rapidly growing army of liberty-minded folks standing up for parental rights.

    The newest chapter to start in Connecticut is located in Litchfield County, led by Chapter Chair Lisa Amatruda, Vice Chair Thea Alfes, Secretary Christine Decicco and Treasurer Mari Vito.

    The Centinal had an opportunity to chat with Lisa and Christine to learn more about the Litchfield County Moms chapter, the goals for the group, and more.

    Of course, it takes a lot of courage to start a Moms chapter in a blue state like Connecticut, especially after witnessing the rowdy scene outside the Moms for Liberty event with James Lindsay in Avon last month.

    But Lisa and Christine aren't scared!

    Lisa Amatruda (left) and Christine Decicco (right).
    Photo credit: Steven Valenti, Republican-American

    They know exactly what's at stake, and that's protecting children from indoctrination and harmful ideology in schools, for starters.

    This is not a political endeavor, mind you. The work that the Moms described involved protecting children, something which cuts across party lines. That's why they get support from Republicans and Democrats alike, something that might surprise folks about the group. It's certainly not the narrative spun in the mainstream media that seeks to vilify moms from doing what moms are supposed to do, and that's fight for their children.

    Lisa said that one of the biggest areas of focus for the group is educating busy parents about what's really going on inside schools, from the impact of critical social justice and social emotional learning to what's really going on with sexually-explicit library books, for instance.

    Another focus for the group is working with legislators—democrats and republicans alike—to help advance legislation in support of parental rights.

    One very important role the Moms play is in bringing people together. Many parents feel disconnected these days, and wonder if others share their views, especially in a place like Connecticut. Knowing that there are like-minded parents in the community has brought relief to many joyful warriors out there.

    In our experience, these warriors are more common than you might think, certainly more common than the mainstream media would have you believe. But they don't always reveal themselves, especially after watching several moms lose their jobs after getting doxxed as Moms for Liberty members.

    Christine said that the group welcomes support of any kind, and recognizes that different people want to get involved in different ways, from staying informed with the group's emails and attending meetings to running for the school board and anything in-between. And if you do want to run for school board, the Moms are fully prepared to help you run your campaign.

    Bottom line, the Moms said that the government should never have a seat at your kitchen table, and it should never tell you what you can and can't do with your own children!

    The next meeting for the Litchfield chapter will be on November 30th.

    For more information on the chapter and to get involved, please visit the website here.

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    Stephanie Frankel


    Paul A

    It’s a travesty that anyone would want the government to have a say in your children’s lives for any reason. To laugh at this article shows the ignorance of todays society. Laughing at the thought of liberty in any form is an alarming trend distancing away from the greatest experiment ever realized for freedom.

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