• MONTANARO: Greenwich RTM Cancel Culture

    September 19, 2023
    Source: State Representative Stephen Meskers at Greenwich RTM Meeting (9/18/23).

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    Dr. Michael Goldstein should have been the man of the hour last night.

    Instead, he was wrongfully persecuted for a personal health decision to refuse the COVID (yes COVID) vaccine. He was falsely attacked, defamed and there was even a petition of lies going around for residents to sign.

    Any person who could put their biases aside would see he is the perfect person for this VOLUNTEER position. Last night, many bowed down to the intense pressure, and cancel culture won. It was a sad sight to see on our town’s largest governing body.

    Divisive rhetoric about Republicans was, once again, allowed to flow freely and frequently.

    How could you disqualify a man with an immaculate track record as a family practice ophthalmologist, attorney and who is over-qualified for The Nathaniel Witherell board position. All because of the venom from those who engage in hyper partisanship, or worse, were swindled by bureaucrats in a calculated effort to block a truly competent person from The NW board. This man does not want to privatize Nathaniel Witherell, he wants to fix it. His goal is to turn it into a well-run, community owned nursing facility.

    Perhaps that is why politicians and bureaucrats fought so hard against him. Perhaps that is why he did not receive a ringing endorsement. Has anyone asked Laura Erickson about her intentions for The NW? Does she want to privatize it? She has been the BET liaison on its board and has allowed millions of dollars in bills to go uncollected. Why? If that is how she treats a valuable town asset, how would she treat our town as a whole?

    We should ALL be asking these questions.

    It was an unprecedented move for the RTM to vote down a Board of Selectman nominee for a town board position. Not to mention it was only the three Republicans (Jan Kniffen, Brad Radulovacki, Dr. Michael Goldstein) who were pulled out of the consent vote and put up for debate ahead of an individual vote. Candidates and nominees should be scrutinized, but in a fair and measured manner. This was not the case on Monday night.

    There was a hand count because the very expensive, new electronic voting system was malfunctioning. The same electronic voting system that was called into question for the CTCL aka “ZuckBucks” vote in January. Those who challenged the results of that vote were called election deniers and some even inexplicably compared it to January 6th . The vote discrepancies back then were blamed on “user error.” In the final moments ahead of last night’s (Monday 9/18/23) meeting the whole system was malfunctioning again, and the RTM votes were moved to manual tabulation.

    This after RTM Districts 3 and 8 were caught in violation of procedure while trying to sneak new members through last week without proper notice to their own District members. Cheryl Moss (Democrat) was caught red handed attempting to push Jim Finn (Democrat) through so he could vote in last night’s meeting for District 8 AND automatically appear on this November’s ballot.

    Greenwich RTM Meeting (9/18/23).

    It all circles back to Alexis Voulgaris, the RTM moderator, who never ceases putting her thumb on the scale for her leftist friends. In addition to having an anti-Goldstein presenter pop up with “Greenwich DTC” on her Zoom screen and allowing non-residents to present only when it suits the Democrat agenda; this was proven again last night when she denied presentations from three (3) Republicans who signed up to speak. She pointed to a technicality on the sign-up form. The same “technicality” that she waived for Mr. Meskers, yet enforced on these three citizens.

    Greenwich RTM Meeting (9/18/23).

    In his speech, Mr. Stephen “Republicans hate our kids” Meskers, had the nerve to bring up Dr. Michael Goldstein’s social media posts. If that is the standard for being fit for office or, in this case a volunteer position on a town board, then Mr. Meskers should have resigned a long time ago. His social media rants and rhetoric are a sight to behold. There are dozens of great, non-partisan, dedicated individuals on the RTM. However, a large faction votes the way they are told to. The town is waking up to what the RTM has become in recent years. It showed in the number of petitions that were turned into the Town Clerk’s office last week. New, regular, hardworking citizens are getting in the game. They are tired of the cronyism and bureaucracy. This is why I, and so many other concerned, common-sense residents have decided to run for the RTM this year.

    Joe Montanaro
    Cos Cob (District 8)
    Concerned, Common Sense Citizen

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