• MONTANARO: The Common Sense Majority Has Backbone

    January 23, 2024

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    It has been an intense, yet a very enjoyable 12 months serving the town Republican party as Vice-Chair. We have gotten information to more people than ever before through our various messaging platforms, a robust social media presence, a fully upgraded website, an integrated database, along with the creation of our Newsletter.

    Most importantly we have inspired hundreds of volunteers to join in our efforts. These hard-working residents have become engaged and involved thanks to the Common-Sense beliefs and actions of this RTC. They are now the backbone of our party. Other RTCs and groups from around Connecticut and the tri-state are following our lead.

    I would hope the few who blindly criticize the local party will eventually realize that they can do more by accepting, acknowledging, and appreciating the exceptional men and women who make up the Common Sense Majority. Because these motivated, engaged, and active members are fully aligned philosophically. We agree on infinitely more than we differ.

    We have so many good volunteers who are willing to step up and put in the work. We are gathering a coalition of citizens and community members who are not politicians, but they believe in uniting on sensible values. This expands our ability to welcome more of the public who may have been previously discouraged.

    We are growing because this RTC is a diverse group who are extremely active in our respective neighborhoods. Several new faces, young parents, local small business owners, 50-year residents and others were kept off the RTC by some current and former local political figures. I believe this sends the wrong message to our tireless volunteers. Politicians versus regular citizens is never a good look. If elected officials put personal relationships, influence, and power above tireless workers and volunteers, then that is a major problem.

    Greenwich residents who ran for the RTM were called "extremist, crazy, right-wing" with no pushback from certain elected officials. Good citizens were demonized ahead of the November RTM elections by divisive political groups, and nothing was said. This was very disheartening for many members of the community.

    Greenwich Republicans and leadership are a collection of passionate citizen volunteers. We do this all on our own time, sometimes at the detriment and neglect of our personal lives.

    Our RTC has been supported by community members and parents who are engaged, involved, and invigorated. These folks have energized the GOP over the last couple of years. It is a major factor in how we can inject some Common Sense into Hartford.

    Look no further than our BoE candidates. Despite having a mere 28% of the electorate, each candidate almost eclipsed the 10k vote mark. That is huge. It is the most telling sign that our philosophical and social issue convictions align with our constituents.

    The more we speak in front of the community, the more they get to know us, the more they see we are a lot alike. This fosters a beautiful working environment. We are setting new precedents that encourage transparency and accountability.

    The RTC should be a body made up of the people and for the people. That is how we continue engaging with new voters. Such as parents who have a vested interest in this town, young students who are tired of wokeism, generational residents who feel left out, blue collar workers or retirees who are struggling to pay their bills, immigrants who chose Greenwich for a better life, all these groups and more are the new Republican base nationally and it should be the same here in Greenwich. That is the focus of this RTC, and it is working.

    Our goal is to unite with residents on our shared Common-Sense beliefs and values. This has been effective over the past year and it will continue. Join us in our efforts and let’s ride together into a successful 2024.

    Thank you all and be well,

    Joe Montanaro
    Greenwich Republicans
    Vice-Chair / Communications

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    Bob MacGuffie

    Way to go - Greenwich RTC and all the solid citizens in alignment and advancing the common sense agenda! The entire 4th District should follow your lead and throw off the many corrosive policies which have been enacted over the past decade-plus.

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