• More Madness Out Of Hartford, This Time Mandatory Voting

    February 10, 2023
    Hartford news boys, 1909

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    This time, it’s Proposed Bill 5704: An Act Concerning Mandatory Voting and Proposed Bill 5717: An Act Concerning Universal Civic Duty Voting.

    Yes, you read that right.  Mandatory, "civic duty" voting.

    Specifically, Proposed Bill 5704 would amend Title 9 of the Connecticut General Statutes to require that:
    (1) each qualified elector either cast a ballot at an election or provide a valid reason for not so casting a ballot, (2) an election official mail to any qualified elector who did not cast a ballot at an election a form inquiring as to why such elector did not so cast a ballot, and (3) any such elector who did not cast a ballot at an election either respond to such form with a valid reason or be fined for not responding.
    The purpose of this legislation is "to institute mandatory voting and incentivize civic engagement”.  Incentivizing people with fines?  Wonder how that will work?

    That brings us to Proposed Bill 5702: An Act Allowing Incarcerated Individuals to Vote and Proposed Bill 5714: An Act Concerning Incarcerated Individuals and Voting, because why not incentivize the civic engagement of inmates? But not all of the proposed legislation coming out of Hartford is bad.

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    Proposed Bill 379: An Act Concerning the Use of Private Funds By the State and Municipalities for Elections-Related Purposes would prohibit the state or any municipality from accepting funds from private individuals or organizations for the payment of elections-related expenses.
    That would mean goodbye to the controversial CTCL grant for Greenwich, if the bill could ever gain enough support, that is.

    Which might be near impossible with a democrat supermajority that seems high on power.  
    Or perhaps that’s just the legal weed.


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    This smacks of the system shitting the bed at the lack of belief we, the people, have in it. I take that as a good sign, although it is obvious to me that the more they freak out at losing control of us, the weirder and more aggressive they will become. Until we neutralize them, of course, which we could have done at any time up to and including right now.


    If enough people thinking the the same thing finally get up and do something we might have a chance to make some real changes in deep blue states but I still don’t see it happening. People are still even after seeing communism quickly take over our country are far too complacent and afraid to loose the little they have.

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