• More On Robert Mueller And His Right-Wing Terror Factory

    Robert Mueller, Public Domain.

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    Ken Silva at Headline USA published an article on June 26th about the FBI’s program to stage neo-Nazi rallies around the country as way to lure and identify potential informants.

    Now he's back with the second article in the series, and he suggests the rallies were "just the beginning of a sweeping multi-state investigation."

    Apparently, the FBI also tried to infiltrate Florida's right-wing underground by setting up a neo-Nazi motorcycle front group through an action known as “Primitive Affliction,” which ran from around 2007 to 2012.

    Silva shows how the case "reveals infiltration and entrapment techniques used by the FBI in 1990s investigations against the Aryan Nations, as well as more recent cases such as the 2020 militia conspiracy to kidnap Michigan’s governor."

    For instance, after Aryan Nations was effectively destroyed by litigation, one of the remaining members, August Kreis, hooked up with a known FBI informant, Joshua Caleb Sutter, to try some publicity stunts in order to attract new members, like posting a message of solidarity with Saddam Hussein on the Aryan Nations' website.

    Sutter, who was involved in a publishing house that specialized in occult neo-Nazi books, made headlines in August 2021 after it was revealed the FBI paid him more than $100,000 as an informant.

    When the plan with Sutter failed, Kreis turned to another Aryan Nations member and avid motorcyclist, Robert Killian, for help.

    Killian suggested starting the 1st SS Kavallerie Brigade Motorcycle Division, also known as "Bigots on Bikes" according to the ADL.

    It turns out Killian was an undercover officer on the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTF).

    August Kreis (center) and Robert Killian (right).
    Screenshot, SPLC

    Killian wasn't the only FBI JTTF officer involved in these operations... undercover FBI officer Kelly Boaz also featured prominently in Primitive Affliction. But his role was clouded in controversy.

    You can read more about that in Silva's full investigation on Headline USA.

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