• Mounting Criticism Of Feminist Policies As Fertility Rates Continue To Plummet

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    Global fertility rates have been falling since 1950, with the decline accelerating in the 1960s. Experts are now issuing apocalyptic warnings about the dire effects of falling birth rates. As a result, feminist policies that seek to persuade women to avoid child-bearing are facing sharp criticism.

    Recently, The Lancet published a study that reported 46% of countries currently have a fertility rate below replacement level, and that number will increase to 97% by 2100. This means by the end of the century, the population of almost every country in the world will be in decline.

    In the United States for example, the Centers for Disease Control reported the fact that in 2023, the U.S. fertility rate fell to 1.7 babies per woman. Demographers say fertility needs to be at least 2.1 babies for a country’s population to replace itself.

    Experts say such declines will have catastrophic consequences.

    The Lancet study predicts, “These future trends in fertility rates and live births will completely reconfigure the global economy and the international balance of power and will necessitate reorganizing societies.”

    The decline in fertility rates can be attributed in large part to lower marriage rates. As a result, Canada, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, and many European countries have begun to implement pro-marriage and pro-natal policies. But such policies are expensive and have limited effectiveness.

    So lawmakers seeking to boost fertility need to come to terms with the dictates of feminist ideology, which embraces the Marxist view that marriage is an institution that is oppressive to women.

    In pursuit of this goal, feminist activists disseminate talking points designed to persuade women to avoid marriage:

    1. “A marriage license is a hitting license” -- In truth, married persons enjoy far lower rates of domestic violence, compared to persons in a dating relationship.

    2. “Only men are abusive” – This factoid is disproven by hundreds of studies that show partner abuse is an equal opportunity problem for men and women alike.

    Now, feminism is facing mounting criticism. Last week, Ayaan Hirsi Ali penned a stinging rebuke of the paradoxes of feminism. The former Dutch lawmaker spotlighted the plight of Lizzy who wants to have children, but finds herself hectored by feminists who insist “children will only burden her, ruining her body and career prospects.”

    Ali concludes, “A happy marriage is the fundamental unit of a healthy society… For the health of the body politic, marital cooperation has to be reflected on a large scale. Only then will families grow and flourish, birth rates stabilize, and the collective mental health crisis ease.”

    Lawmakers now face a stark decision: Promote the fact that married women are healthier and happier, compared to their single sisters. Or continue to embrace feminist-driven policies that seek to sideline and eventually end the nuclear family.

    Because societies that do not sustain their numbers eventually end up in the dustbin of history.

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    Domestic Abuse and Violence International Alliance

    The Domestic Abuse and Violence International Alliance – DAVIA — consists of 139 member organizations from 35 countries in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. DAVIA seeks to ensure that domestic violence and abuse polices are science-based, family-affirming, and sex-inclusive. http://endtodv.org/davia/

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