• NEA Teachers Union Advocates For Climate Justice, Education Justice To Advance Equity For Earth Day

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    It's no longer sufficient to celebrate just "Earth Day" in school. It has been transformed into "Worldwide Climate and Justice Education Week" by the radical progressives at the National Education Association (NEA) teacher's union.

    According to the NEA, "climate justice is at the heart of education justice" because "severe weather events interrupt instruction time and destroy school buildings" and because "extreme temperatures can make classrooms too hot or too cold for students to learn."

    Of course, the NEA pushes the divisive narrative that "climate justice" issues disproportionately impact certain "under-resourced" communities, so it's important to "combat climate change while advancing equity and environmental justice."

    As you can see, climate change is yet another avenue for NEA activists to advance "equity" to achieve "justice".

    The NEA is calling on members and supporters to write letters to legislators to bring the Green New Deal to schools as the way to protect the planet.

    Forget about science, the NEA is all about activism and indoctrination into the leftist climate agenda.

    Maybe it's time to start asking teachers who belong to the NEA if they know what their union membership fees are actually funding, especially since the climate change narrative has been debunked by more than a thousand actual scientists by now.

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    Robert A. Porrazzo

    Yet another reason to homeschool your children!

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