• NEA Teacher's Union Holding Conference On Equity & Social Justice In June

    Sessions cover anti-racism, decolonizing the curriculum, educating with "pride", celebrating Marxists like Paolo Freire, and plenty of other progressive ideas.

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    Instead of focusing on promoting rigor and academics, the National Education Association (NEA) teacher's union has planned a summer conference all about equity and racial and social justice.

    The purpose of the conference is to "unite for the advancement of Justice in Education" according to the NEA.

    Educators can learn about how to incorporate "antiracist" teaching into the classroom, how to rethink DEI, and how to deliver social justice lessons through STEM classes.

    “Anti-racism” sounds nice to the untrained ear, but it represents an ugly, insidious, racist agenda that is far cry from equality for all.  Instead, it calls for “future discrimination” to atone for “past discrimination”.

    Other sessions cover topics like "white nationalist influence in schools", centering "queer identity" in the classroom, and moving from "transforming" to "decolonizing." And in case you are wondering what "decolonizing" is, it means "defining colonialism alongside racism and understanding settler privilege."

    Screenshot, NEA

    The 1619 Project Education Network will be offering a session for lower and upper elementary teachers to learn about "new frameworks" for teaching young students about enslavement, which sounds kind of like rewriting history. Does the NEA realize the 1619 Project has been debunked?

    Another session promises to go beyond theory and into the elusive "practice" of equity. "To truly transform schools, we must dismantle oppressive structures and embrace antiracist practices," says the conference literature which also advocates for "restorative practices" in school.

    Screenshot, NEA

    There's even a session that seems to celebrate Paolo Freire, a Brazilian Marxist who believes education and social work are closely related, and has been accused by James Lindsay of "Marxifying" K-12 education in this country.

    Screenshot, NEA

    Lindsay says, "Freire redefined literacy, education, and even knowledge according to the usual bourgeois/ proletarian dichotomy and thus was able to redefine literacy to mean gaining critical consciousness."

    "Freire makes it clear that the neo-Marxist consciousness-raising process is what education is actually about," says Lindsay who argues that "Freire enabled the theft of education from our society and our children."

    Screenshot, James Lindsay's New Discourses

    The conference offers sessions on "educating with pride" in the classroom and ensuring that transgender and non-binary students "have what they need" to be successful in school and sports.

    It touches on gun rights, abortion, and how "race is a social construct".

    There's a session on understanding power, privilege, and oppression, and a social planning activity about "voting extremists" off your school board.

    You can even explore "Abolitionist Pedagogical" practices.

    But what educators won't learn at this conference is how to help students improve their academic performance because this conference is an exercise in brainwashing.

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