• Ned Lamont EXPLOITED This Entire Covid-19 Crisis, And For That He Belongs In Jail

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    Opinion Submitted By Kate Prokop

    My response to Ned Lamont's declaration to the end of the Covid-19 pandemic in Connecticut:

    Governor Ned Lamont lied to everyone in April 2020 when he told the world Connecticut was home to the youngest Covid-19 death (the 6-month-old infant died of asphyxiation).

    Lamont killed 4,600 elderly patients in nursing homes when he mandated Covid-19 positive patients and negative patients be put in the same facilities in 2020. At the same time, he banned healthy people (not Covid-19 positive) from seeing their loved ones in nursing homes, leaving thousands of people to die alone. He even banned people from their funerals.

    In 2020 he awarded his wife’s investment firm, SEMA4, with a multimillion dollar contract for the entire state's mandated PCR testing, and then the company folded in 2022.

    Lamont let Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference ("CIAC") discriminate against unvaccinated children by allowing vaccinated children to play unmasked, but forcing unvaccinated children to endure intense physical activity masked.  

    He banned fathers from the birthing rooms of their first child. He separated newborn babies from Covid-19 positive (no symptom) mothers, refusing to let the child form a natural bond with their parents. 

    Lamont banned residents from gathering for a wedding, but made sure to remove that ban for his own daughter's wedding in 2020. 

    Lamont forced masks on children as young as 2, and is responsible for the incredible developmental setback Connecticut children are now facing. 

    Lamont used millions of ESSER federal funding for gender identity education when it’s supposed to be used for catching kids up who fell behind with Covid-19 shutdowns. Then he denied gender education exists in CT during the November 2022 gubernatorial debate. 

    Lamont shut down thousands of small businesses while allowing big box stores, like Walmart, and liquor stores to operate the entire time. 

    Lamont had thousands of unvaccinated teachers, school staff and health care professionals fired during a time when we were experiencing a massive shortage in both professions.

    Lamont encouraged every single business owner to FIRE their unvaccinated employees or require them to do weekly PCR testing which again, his wife directly profited from!

    Lamont removed the religious exemption for children so that should he finally mandate the Covid-19 vaccine for K-12, parents cannot decline by choice. 

    Lamont has been lobbied to allow the pharmaceutical industry to do whatever it pleases to the residents of Connecticut, and he profits from it. 

    Ned Lamont EXPLOITED this entire Covid-19 crisis and for that he belongs in jail.

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    Sandra DeBlois

    My mother was in a nursing home during 2020 and we were not allowed to visit her during covid. Before covid my aunt and I visited her every day to keep an eye on her overall care.
    We got a call from the nursing home telling us she was being transferred to Manchester Memorial Hospital because she was sick.
    A doctor called telling us she had pneumonia. We were not allowed to visit her there either. A full week later she died alone. We were told later she died from "covid." That is what they put on her death certificate.
    On top of that, we could not have her funeral for months. She remained at the funeral home until then. How awful. And when we were finally able to have a funeral, we were told only a few people could attend. Unbelievable.
    What a shitty and unnecessary way to die all alone and scared in a hospital.
    I lost my mother; my kids lost their grandmother, and my aunt lost her sister/best friend.
    Ned Lamont should be in jail.
    We lost that time. To talk to her, to tell her how much we loved her, and that we were all there for her. To hold her hand, to say whatever, we wanted to say so she heard us before she passed. We all lost that opportunity.

    Amy Williams

    Many Governors were complicit in the murder of many, many nursing home residents. We must not forget their CRIMES, and we must not ever let them have tyranny over us again! They should all be put in jail!

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