• New Canaan School Board Removes DEI

    September 1, 2022

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    The New Canaan Board of Education has voted to remove cultural Marxism from the district's 'goals'.

    The district has removed the words diversity, equity and inclusion from its stated goals for the school year, reported the New Canaan Advertiser.

    GOP board members Toal, Dan Bennett, Hugo Alves and Philip Hogan dug in their heels, saying that DEI initiatives had become politicized and they particularly did not want to use the word inclusive.

    “When you go down the rabbit hole on inclusivity, you can go to some really weird place where you have forced speech, where you basically have to agree with the other side because you can’t hurt their feelings,” Bennett claimed.

    “I would definitely not be an advocate for trying to go find a DEI expert to come here and try and explain whatever the most current thing is,” he said, added New Canaan Advertiser.

    Hogan said that he was concerned about “the least fortunate among us” who move to town to get their children in it’s excellent schools. “I don’t think they move here for DEI,” he said. “I think they move here for a school system that is singularly and relentlessly focused on student achievement and aptitude.”

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    James Goodfellow
    Amy Williams- Berlin, CT

    Way to go, New Canaan! Finally, logical, critical thinking, prevails!


    I must say it’s very surprising but refreshing to see this article is about a Connecticut town. Connecticut has been a breeding ground for communism and has more true communists than almost every other state and that says something being it’s the second smallest state in the country.

    Kerry A.

    Way to go! We need our boe to do the same in our district! It’s caused nothing but a divide!

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