• No College Mandates Cites 120 Colleges That Still Have Covid Vaccine Mandates As Of July 2023, Just One College From CT On List

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    No College Mandates is a group of concerned parents, doctors, nurses, professors, students and other college stakeholders who want to end COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

    The group's research reveals that there are still 120 colleges in the US enforcing unscientific covid vaccine mandates for students, as of July 2023.

    Source: Twitter

    The list of colleges still mandating covid vaccines includes one from Connecticut, Mitchell College, along with others such as Harvard, Wellesley, Johns Hopkins, Moorehouse, Rutgers, Oberlin, Bryn Mawr, Bucknell, the University of Pittsburgh, and six California State University campuses.

    Covid vaccine mandates for college students seem especially outrageous in light of the 182 deaths and 51,903 injuries tied to covid vaccines that have been reported in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) for college-aged students.

    No College Mandates has other very useful information on their website, including lists of over 500 colleges that have never mandated covid vaccines, and the more than 1,200 colleges that have at one point had (or still currently have) a covid vaccine mandate in place for students.

    The group also has references for aligned organizations, and information and legal resources that students can use in order to help obtain covid vaccine exemptions.

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    Amy Williams

    Just makes you wonder what these schools could possibly offer(intellectually speaking). Harvard and Johns Hopkins should not be permitted to maintain Schools of Medicine. They should be boycotted by any students who wish to be MD’s with any integrity at all.

    Prince Eugene

    The admonition to "above all do no harm" is no longer a philosophic concern to the indiscriminate modern liberals in charge of the medical industry, teaching facilities or government institutions.


    Brought to you by Pfizer.

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