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    By Amy Whyko

    As a member of the workforce here in Connecticut as well as a long time taxpayer, I found it perplexing as to why Senator Kushner thought she was best serving Danbury, New Fairfield, and Ridgefield by sponsoring HB 5431.  This bill allows striking union members to collect unemployment benefits at the expense of taxpayers. 

    Although declining nationally, union membership is on the rise in the state of CT.  It represents 16.9% of the total workforce and collectively pulls in $667 million in annual revenue and holds $736 million in assets. 

    Just as union workers have a right to join unions, to collective bargaining and the option to strike if they want change, I, as a taxpayer should not have to foot that bill.  I respect their choices, but the unions are flush with cash and should be responsible for taking care of their members financially while opting to strike.  Isn’t that one of the reasons they collect dues?

    In a letter to Lamont, CBIA, employers, and business organizations urged him to veto the bill,

    “based both on policy grounds and the process surrounding its adoption.”

    “Long-standing employee protections under state and federal law already achieve the proper balance between the unemployment system’s policy goals and collective bargaining rights,” CBIA president and CEO Chris DiPentima noted in the letter.

    “That balance is critical. While workers have the right to organize, bargain collectively, and strike, those rights should not be subsidized by taxpayers.”

    With that said, we have a right to know why Senator Kushner feels that the taxpayer should also contribute to the Union’s bottom line?  We all know her long-standing ties to the unions.   She obviously believes she is in Hartford to serve them, not her other constituents.  Kushner has continually showed us she serves special interests for her benefit, but that’s not the kind of representation we need; we need a senator who stands for all of the people.   

    Luckily even Governor Lamont saw through her motives and vetoed this bill.

    Amy Whyko is a resident of Danbury.

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    Paul A

    This is not the American way. Take your communist passion and head out for another country. This isn’t Republican against democrat. This is American patriots against communists who want to change America. We know how America succeeds and the Marxist playbook isn’t freedom for anyone.

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