• Now The Gaza Solidarity Encampment Activists Want To Defund Campus Police And Disrupt Graduation Ceremonies

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    Gee, who could have seen this coming?

    The radicals protesting at the University of Michigan Gaza solidarity encampment are now calling for defunding the campus police, on top of all of their other demands. Guess they protestors are getting tired of seeing police do their jobs?

    Meanwhile, student activists at a number of university graduation ceremonies are making a scene, including an LGBTQ+ scarf-wearing Columbia University graduate who ripped her diploma to shreds after receiving it.

    After spending an estimated $70k+ per year to pay for Columbia, her parents must be proud to see their daughter's unhinged display of hate. Not to mention the potential employers who might be watching...

    The National Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) organization is also celebrating graduating students who display the Palestinian flag when they receive their diplomas.

    The video stream at Emory University in Atlanta was allegedly cut twice when students walked out with Palestinian flags or keffiyehs, which only triggered the student activists more who complained about being censored. They students added, "Disclose, Divest, we will not stop, we will not rest!"

    Even students who belong to SJP at Gallaudet University, the global leader in education for deaf and hard of hearing students, showed their solidarity for Palestine during graduation.

    Meanwhile, closer to home, the UCommune kiddos at the University of Connecticut are using the deeply anti-semitic "from the river to the sea" saying on their latest round of propaganda, which also includes a call to "end repression of Palestine solidarity activists."

    No wonder so many parents with college age children are nervous right now, especially parents with children graduating from high school this year who don't want their children to get radicalized and turned into left wing activists at college.

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