• NY Post Reports On Wall Street Banker Dead Of Heart Issues At 35, Fails To Mention Vaccine Status

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    The New York Post is maddeningly tone deaf when it comes to vaccine injury. Yes, they will report on big picture stories such as AstraZeneca being pulled from pharmacy shelves worldwide. That said, for some reason, the media outlet known for their plentiful content shies away from perhaps the biggest story of a generation.

    Leo Lekunas III, 35, worked for Bank of America in its Financial Institutions Group. He died of acute coronary artery thrombus, a known side effect of Covid mRNA vaccines.

    Combing the Post's archives, The Manhattan found eight stories that mention vaccine injury. Most of them poke fun at brave sports stars such as Novak "Novaxx" Djokovic and Aaron Rodgers. The two men are the highest profile professional athletes to openly push back against the tidal wave of mandates. Both suffered financial loss, public shaming, and in Djokovic's case, missed opportunities to compete in two Grand Slam events, the yardstick by which great players measure one another. He missed six other tournaments for the same reason.

    Only their superstar reporter Miranda Devine seems to take the issue of vaccines seriously.

    To see the Post tap dance around the issue, the link is here.

    What is it with the Post? One minute, they break the Hunter Biden laptop story. The next, they hawkishly push any form of war involving the U.S. or Israel. Oh, that's right, they're not "conservative media," they're neo-cons.

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