• Obama "Book Ban" Letter Coincidentally Defends Controversial Author On Himes' Summer Reading List

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    The Democrat narrative on "book banning" must be in trouble because Barack Obama himself has just felt compelled to pen a letter from he and Michelle on the subject, defending the presence of controversial books in libraries under the guise of "freedom of speech". He also said it was "no coincidence" that book bans seemed to target "LGBTQ" content as well as content created by people of color, intentionally using gender and race as wedges in an attempt to keep people divided on the book issue.

    In the letter to "dedicated and hardworking librarians of America", Obama alleged that, "the impulse seems to be to silence, rather than engage, rebut, learn from or seek to understand views that don't fit our own." This comment led many people to wonder what exactly it is that Obama wants students to learn from the kind of sexually-explicit content that has been challenged as of late.

    Of course reasonable people recognize that no one is talking about true book bans or targeting LGBTQ content because the views might differ from their own closely-held views. That's not at all the issue at hand. The top 5 most frequently challenged books feature graphic sexually-explicit imagery, normalize pornography and even teach children how to use sex apps to find people for "meet-ups". The content is objectively inappropriate, especially for students in a school setting.

    Screenshot, This Book Is Gay

    That is why people are talking about protecting the morality of children by ensuring that content used in school libraries and classrooms is age-appropriate. This is especially important since research has shown that exposure to sexually-explicit materials in adolescence is related to early sexual debut, inconsistent condom use, unsafe sex, and multiple sexual partners. The conclusion of the 2020 study "Exposure to sexually explicit media in early adolescence is related to risky sexual behavior in emerging adulthood" read:

    "Exposure to sexually-explicit media in early adolescence had a substantive relationship with risky sexual behavior in the emerging adulthood. Knowledge of this causal-like effect provides a basis for building better preventive programs in early adolescence. One prominent way is early education on media literacy."

    What's also interesting about Obama's letter is that he chose to highlight the author Toni Morrison, keeping in solidarity with fellow democrat Jim Himes, who just added Morrison's "The Bluest Eye" to his summer reading list. He decided to read the book after issuing an email to constituents about book bans by "out of touch MAGA Extremists".

    By the way, this book is rated "not for minors" in a detailed review by BookLooks. Ten states have restricted usage of the book in school, including Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah.

    The book has been challenged for profanity and derogatory racist terms, detailed descriptions of sexual activities and sexual assault, alcohol use and inflammatory racial and religious commentary. In one particular passage, a dying man describes the pleasure he derived out of molesting "little girls" as the only thing he will miss when he dies.

    So it looks like Obama is joining Himes in promoting sexually-explicit media to children even though it is well-known that the learning which results from exposure to this content is "early sexual debut, inconsistent condom use, unsafe sex, and multiple sexual partners".

    It really makes you wonder why so many democrats are on-board with putting content like this in front of children.

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    Bob MacGuffie

    Try as they might over the past year, leftist mouthpieces like Himes and now Obama are trying to mount a defense of the indefensible sexualization of children via pornographic book selections. They have now waded into the deep end of the pool and are foundering under the weight of their false arguments and defenses. There are no defenses - the citizenry is not as stupid as these out of touch elites think. Their positioning is so poorly fabricated, that I don't think they've even read the books

    Kendall Svengalis

    Extremists like Obama, Himes, and the Democrats generally, have joined hands in an effort to normalize online or print access to graphically pornographic books for young people. They fail to draw a distinction between banning books for adults and exercising prudent discretion when making such books available to students as young as 12. They also fail to make the connection between sexualizing children and the sexual abuse the #MeToo movement was decrying a short time ago. Time to homeschool.

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