• Olga Anastos Launches Campaign For State Representative In Stamford

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    By Olga Anastos

    Stamford residents are frustrated with the increased cost of living, declining education quality, and stagnating public safety. It’s time we elect a public official you can trust to fight for your interests and family. My name is Olga Anastos, and I am announcing my run for State Representative for District 148 to be that trusted official.

    I am a concerned citizen and a community organizer with a proven track record of making a difference. I am running because we can make meaningful changes in our community. With my experience, I am dedicated to advocating for quality education, affordable living, and improving public safety. These goals are within our reach, and I am confident that together, as a united community, we can make them a reality. I genuinely love Stamford and wish for nothing but to use the state’s resources to help Stamford residents.

    As your State Representative, I am committed to achieving these goals. I will advocate for expanding the Care4Kids program and ensure parent representation. I will prioritize state scholarships for community colleges and trade schools, and promote financial literacy in schools. On public safety, I will advocate for increased penalties for domestic violence and enable police to pursue property crime offenders. I will ensure first responders receive compensation and paid leave for PTSD, and propose incentives for volunteer firefighters and EMS. To make Connecticut more affordable, I will focus on job growth through workforce development programs, lower taxes, tax credits for first-time homebuyers, and implement a property tax cap to improve housing accessibility and control rent.

    These common-sense reforms will benefit everyone in Stamford by investing in our families, community, and children. To stay updated on my campaign, follow my Facebook @Olga Anastos and Instagram @olga4stamford, and contact me through my email: [email protected]. I ask for your support for this election on Tuesday, November 5th, because together, we can bring about the positive changes Stamford deserves.

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