• On This Day In 2021, CT Senate Democrats Recommended That Elected Officials "Report Anti-Vaccine, Anti-Mask Harassment, Threats to Police"

    September 9, 2023
    CT Senator Martin M. Looney Source: X (formerly Twitter)

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    On September 9, 2021, Senate President Martin M. Looney (D-New Haven), Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-Norwalk) and State Senator Norm Needleman (D-Essex) led a group of 20 Connecticut state senators who signed an open letter to all elected and appointed state and local officials about "anti-vaccine and anti-mask harassment".

    Today, we are issuing a call to action to all elected and appointed state and local officials to take a stand against the confrontational tactics of the anti-vaxxers, anti-maskers and COVID-19 deniers who are increasingly infecting our public meetings, our public discourse and our public life with an anger, irrationality and abuse which we fear will soon escalate into physical assaults and violence against elected and appointed public officials.

    Connecticut Senate Democrats

    The Senate Dems stoked fear by recounting incidents from around the country where fed-up citizens tried to fight back against medical tyranny. Like people who protested outside the home of the Hawaii governor using similar tactics that liberal protestors use, like shouting through bullhorns and flashing strobe lights late at night. Or how a person "cornered" a Missouri hospital administrator to accuse him of committing "crimes against humanity". And those "anti-maskers" who would burn free masks handed out in public meetings. How dare they burn microplastic-covered face masks that did not stop covid!

    Connecticut's mask mandate went into effect on April 20, 2020. So that means the Senate Dems' announcement came a full 507 days after masks were first mandated in the state. People were fed up. Many figured out that masks were about control and not science by this point, and the "official" covid narrative was crumbling. Especially since many people were led to believe that once they got vaccinated, they wouldn't need to wear a mask anymore. But that was a lie.

    The Senate Dems were also outraged that Governor Lamont's press conference on school health issues was interrupted by protestors who equated Connecticut with Nazi Germany, and gave King Ned the middle finger. And that school board meetings were being interrupted by parents who were equally outraged that their children were being forced to submit to harmful masking and social distancing rituals that were not at all rooted in science, but had everything to do with control and continuing to prop up the covid narrative.

    The letter warned that "it is only a matter of time" before "a small, angry group of individuals or one particularly disturbed person" will commit some sort of criminal act.

    They urged all state and local officials to report any and all instances of "harassment, threats, intimidation and violence". Whether it's a social media post, letter, phone call, a sign held at a protest, or even an interruption at a meeting, officials were encouraged to report absolutely everything to the police for investigation as harassment and intimidation.

    The Dems said that "while everyone has the right to protest" they were incensed over "disruptive, rude and unbecoming behavior" and wished that the people would just shut up and follow orders. They even called out fellow politicians who "praised" protestors for standing up to medical tyranny. How dare these people use their free speech to stand up for their rights!

    In the end, it really was all about control and not science. Don't ever forget that. Or the names of the people who signed the letter. Say their names!

    Senate President Martin M. Looney
    Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff
    State Senator Norm Needleman
    State Senator Will Haskell
    State Senator Rick Lopes
    State Senator Marilyn Moore
    State Senator Christine Cohen
    State Senator Patricia Billie Miller
    State Senator Saud Anwar
    State Senator Julie Kushner
    State Senator Matt Lesser
    State Senator Steve Cassano
    State Senator Derek Slap
    State Senator Doug McCrory
    State Senator John Fonfara
    State Senator Gary Winfield
    State Senator Mary Abrams
    State Senator James Maroney
    State Senator Jorge Cabrera
    State Senator Joan Hartley

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